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No, not every site uses them. Most personal sites don't use them, though any ads inserted onto the page by the web provider or the webmaster will use them. If your Internet browser allows all cookies, then all the websites can use cookies. Many cookies are just stored on your PC so that you don't have to log back into sites or view introductory information the next time you visit that website. But if you block cookies from your Internet browser, there are some websites like Yahoo Mail that won't work without cookies.
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How do websites use cookies?

Cookies are small files that a website puts in your hard disk on your first visit. It records your behavior in using a website such as what pages you have visited, how long you have stayed on that page, your personal preferences etc. Websites use cookies to help remember their users and in their next visit, the system will be able to recognize you and provide you with information that interest you and less on the content you do not like. A great example of a cookie at work is when you put a product on a virtual shopping cart in an online store and returned a few days later, the product is still there. You, as the user do not have to worry about your security because cookies are not malicious in nature. Every cookie is unique and encrypted to protect you and the system. See the Related Links section for some helpful information.

How does websites use cookies?

There are many reasons why a website might use cookies; however, most use them to collect demographic information about their visitors. They examine how long you stayed on their website, how often you come, and which of their pages you looked at while you were there. They can use this to help refine their marketing strategies to match the preferences of the visitors. For instance, if a certain page gets most of the site traffic, then they may try to update that page more frequently, or put more advertising on it.\n. \nThere are many reasons why a website might use cookies; however, most use them to collect demographic information about their visitors. They examine how long you stayed on their website, how often you come, and which of their pages you looked at while you were there. They can use this to help refine their marketing strategies to match the preferences of the visitors. For instance, if a certain page gets most of the site traffic, then they may try to update that page more frequently, or put more advertising on it.

How do website use cookies?

Websites use cookies to record a specific computer's visit to thesite. Cookies keep track of the pages visited on the site and thenumber of page hits. Websites use this information to improvebusiness models.

Where is all the websites?

Web sites are not all in one place. All web sites are stored in servers. There are millions of servers world wide that they are hosted on. When you type in a web address on the internet browser, you are directed to a specific web server that displays the site from a single file.

Why cookies are used?

What Cookies Store . Cookies are only as dangerous or invasive as you, the Web page viewer, allow them to be. If you fill out a form with your name, address, and phone number, that information can be stored in an HTTP cookie on your machine. The important part to remember is that a cookie can't know more information than you provide to it. If you don't want a Web site to have your phone number, then don't fill in a form that asks for it. . Cookies are often used to gather demographics about a computer user. The company doesn't know who you are or where you live or anything like that, but every time you accept a cookie from them, you tell them a little bit about where your computer has surfed that day. Specifically, the page that you are currently on, and the page that you came from. . If you frequent running Web pages and natural food store pages, in theory, companies can use that information to target banner ads to your computer. In practice, however, cookies are more often used to track the habits of thousands of people in aggregate. The Personal Information Isn't Very Personal . Cookies can only use information that is provided to them by either the Web browser itself, or by the customer filling out a form and providing the information. If you have information you would like to keep personal, you should not type it into a Web form. If you type it in, it can be stored in a cookie. But if you're willing to tell a Web page personal information, how personal is it, really?

Why websites use cookies?

Cookies are used to store data that will be used between pages, such as your session information (to make sure you're logged in) or the items in your shopping cart. Without cookies, no website would be able to use personalized information, such as web-based email, shopping sites, or even your bank account site.

Should you use cookies on your website?

You should only use cookies if you need to use them. Otherwise, you generate more work for your users and could be contributing to the wear and tear of their hard drive. While some poorly designed sites use cookies for navigation or for nonsense reasons, the main purpose of cookies is to have persistent data between sessions. If someone logs in, that information could be stored in a cookie. Of course it would be generated security keys that should be stored, never the user's own information unless it is encrypted.

Do you use the same amount of bread flour as all-purpose flour in cookie recipes?

Yes. Pretty much. The difference in the two flours is the ability to form gluten. Bread flour is ground from a different variety of wheat, and produces more gluten when kneaded and so is of greater value when making bread. As you do not knead cookie dough, it doesn't come into play, and for the the most part cookie recipes are not that critical. Do not use bread flour for making cakes when cake flour is called for. Cakes are different animals altogether and proper ingredients are critical, and you cannot substitute a hard wheat flour for the soft cake flour, (which produces almost no gluten.)

What are all the fetures of the lg cookie?

Ok, this is quite long, I will look at my phone now. It is touch screen and comes with a stylus to help this. It has a camera that also videos, you can store music on it. It comes with 3 awesome games. You can make photo-stories and listen to the radio. You can go on the internet, it has an orginsier (includes: calendar, to do, memo, date finder). You can set many different alarms. You have a drwaing board. You have use of a calculator, converter, world time and stop watch. You have loads of different settings and profiles. When you text you can turn your phone to the side and use it as a keyboard. It has an easy to use specail speed dial page and contact list/ dialling page.Finally, a choice of 24-hour or 12-hour clock! Hope this helped x

Do all cookies have eggs?

Type your answer here... yes they do Another response: No, some types of cookies, such as shortbread and Russian Tea Cakes, do not contain eggs. Also, some cookies do not have as much egg. Cookie dough with raw egg isn't really bad for you, but homemade cookie dough is worse!!!

What are all the websites used for searching?

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Can you browse all websites using blu-ray player?

Bluray players are increasingly being supplied with network connectivity and various smart TV applications. The players that have web browsers builit in should be capable of accessing web sites in the same way a computer web browser does.

Can a website recognize your computer by another means than IP address I know the IP address of your PC changes all the time and it can't be cookies cos I have deleted them all so what is it?

Websites are completely stateless, so there are only very few ways that a site can track you. The only methods today are as follows: 1) By IP address. Which as you stated, is unreliable, since some services change IP addresses all the time. Then again, I've observed some "dynamic" IP addresses that have remained stable for a year or longer; just because they are dynamic does not guarantee they will change. 2) By HTTP cookie. Cookies are usually good. They let websites remember that you have logged in, that you have set you favorite background image, or even just to remember your username so you only need a password. This is the "old-fashioned" way of storing this sort of data. 3) By local storage. HTML5 offers "local storage" that any site can leverage (up to 5MB worth of space in most browsers). They can use this space to store message drafts, user preferences, a search index, or any other purpose they might want. Including remembering who you are. This method is still new, and largely experimental, so most sites do not use this method... yet. 4) By Flash cookie. This is something of a sticking point. 99% of all internet browsers have Adobe Flash installed and enabled (according to Adobe). A website can store a small amount of data here (100kb without permission), which could include some sort of unique tracker number or login information. These cookies must be deleted by using Adobe's management software; using Ctrl-Shift-Delete or any other means that clear "HTTP Cookies" will not affect Flash cookies. 5) By Google Gears. But this can't happen unless you explicitly allow Google Gears to store data on your computer. 6) By Silverlight. Same as Adobe Flash, but lower adoption rates of Silverlight means this is less likely.

Which website has the best shortbread cookie recipe?

There are so many great cooking websites out there, and I'd bet everyone of them has at least one recipe for the shortbread cookie. For baking instructions and recipes, you really can't go wrong with the joyofbaking website.

Why might you wish to have cookies from a website?

Cookies from a web site allow features to exist that make the website appear to remember who you are when you log in or keep recent settings. Cookies can also store your shopping cart on amazon. Cookies aren't a bad thing, some website can abuse them though.

Is it okay to delete all cookies?

Yes. Deleting your browser cookies is perfectly fine. It's actually recommended you delete your cookies weekly to keep your browser and computer in good health.

What Are Website Cookies and Why Are They Used?

Cookies are defined as small files stored on your computer by the web-browser that saves specific information about web activity. Every time the browser requests a web page, these files are sent back to the server to be analyzed. There are a lot of uses for Cookies and reasons why they are used on a website; here are some examples: . Cookies can easily carry information (maximum of 4KB) between sessions within a website and within connected websites. . Using a specific type of Cookie with a unique ID, users can keep track of how many hits their site gets. . Because Cookies store state information on the computer, a user's website always remembers what state the browser is in. . Use Cookies to personalize the websites you visit. For instance, if a window pops up displaying a message, and you never want to see that message again, there may be an option to enforce this site to remember. Sometimes, underneath these windows, an unchecked box followed by a message says to: Remember to never display this message again. If you check this box, the website will remember your choice and never display the message again to you personally. . Using a specific type of file called a Tracking Cookie; users can learn more about their visitors and learn how to advertise their products according to what their visitors are personally interested in. . Cookies store your interests on the start-up page. . Can store passwords on specific websites so the user can log in automatically without having to re-type their password every time.

What is uses of cookies?

Cookies are used by web page or web sites for storing state information on the PC. Mostly website uses cookies for finding visitors on the site by unique ID.

Why must the browser accept cookies in order to use the Citi Financial website?

Cookies are peices of information that are saved on your computer. Each time you go to Citi Financial it will save certain things you do on their website which then makes it more user friendly next time you access their webpage. This feature is more and more popular and can even be seen when you go to your favorite email browser.

Which websites have gingerbread cookie recipes?

The Marta Stewart website has the best gingerbread cookie recipes for all seasons. Manufacturers like Kraft and King Arthur Flour also have variations of the traditional gingerbread cookie. Other places to check include MyRecipies and TasteofHome

How can one remove a website's cookies after one has exited that website?

Each web browser has a way to remove cookies manually. With Firefox first click the Firefox button. Find options and click that to open. Next click the privacy tab. The blue link that says remove individual cookie is the next link to click. In here you will see the options to remove individual or all cookies. Find the website you last visited and highlight it. Then click to remove individual cookie. One can also choose to remove all cookies at once. This procedure is basically the same in most browsers. One only has to find the internet options button in the browsers drop down menu and follow the on-screen prompts.

What websites have recipes for cookies?

The websites that have recipes for cookies are StumbleUpon and Pinterest. Pinterest is the best website for this because there are a lot of recipes for cookies.

What websites feature advice on Christmas cookie decorating?

Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens and Martha Stewart offer some great tips on decorating Christmas cookies. However, there are tons more websites out there and a little research would yield a lot of free cookie recipes and decorating tips.