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Yes they do. Their brain waves show that they indeed do have dreams like humans. Sometimes when animals are asleep-like your family dog or family cat-people can see them "twitching" their legs or any other body part. This is probably due to them chasing in their dreams.
Mine certainly do. Sometimes cats chase things in their sleep.
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What does it mean when i dream im running faster like an animal?

Nothing. Dreams occur mostly in REM sleep, and most are less than a second long. They have, in the past, been prescribed some meaning, but they do not actually possess meaning

Can an animal have a dream like humans do?

Animals don't necessarily dream like humans do, but many pet or animal owners often come to the conclusion that their pets dream. Animals may display dream-like behavior, incl

Do all animals dream?

  Not all animals dream. Animals of higher class (vertibrates) dream. While invertibrates don't.

What does it mean if you dream of rescuing animals?

The animals in this dream represent various parts of your own life. The dream means that you are making the effort - or that you need to make the effort - to rescue yourself i

What does it mean if you dream about dead animals?

It could be possible that you might feel guilty about how you (or others, if there were any in the dream,) treat animals/pets. It might be a side thought about some actions th

Meaning of a dream an animal giving birth?

if you helping to an animal to deliver babies , means you will succeed in all your good deeds if you see blood while delivering your help will come from someone who is very cl

What does the dream mean if you neglect an animal?

The neglected animal probably symbolizes a real life responsibility or commitment that the dreamer has neglected. The dream is a nudge from the dreamer's subconscious mind to

When you have no dreams?

  I am going to interpret this question literally, although the statement "I have no dreams" could be metaphorical as well, in which case it would mean something like, I h

What about dreams?

Here are some facts about dreams: -about 60% of our lives are spent dreaming -dreams are not always in color -We forget most of our dreams -EVERYONE dreams Dreams a