Do any of the gosselin children have facebook?

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No. Kate Gosselin tweeted April 7, 2011:
"NONE of us has facebook.. And I know there's lots of fakers. Sad but true.."

The minimum age for a Facebook account is 13, and all social networking accounts claiming to be the Gosselin children are fakes.

When they open their own accounts, they will give the information to their friends. Until then, it is their personal private information.
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Have any of the Gosselin children broken a bone?

There is no verifiable information on if any of the Gosselin children have broken a bone.. However, Collin did have a cast on his hand in the pictures featured on the cover of the Ladies Home Journal. Those pictures were taken during December 2008.. Currently there is no substantiated information

Does Hannah Gosselin have Facebook?

No. Hannah Gosselin does not have a public facebook account. . Wikianswers does not give out private contact information for celebriities and non celebrities alike. . All Gosselin accounts on facebook, Twitter, stardoll, Webkinz have been proven fraudulent.

Do the Gosselin kids have facebooks?

No none of the Real Gosselins have facebook accounts. People who 'pretend' that they are real facebooks, are just liars and/or scammers. And I also do not think that Kate would give any of them facebooks anyway because if you have seen any episodes of Kate plus eight you would see why she wouldn't g