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Do any states require a blood test for aids before marriage?

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Yes. Indiana is one.
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Is a blood test required to obtain a marriage license in California?

Blood tests are not required to obtain a marriage license in California. Both parties need to apply together at a county clerk's office with valid photo ID. If you have been

Can you drink coffee before a blood test requiring 12 hour fast?

i am a nam vet,so i go to the clinic about every two months for blood work,they ask if i had anything too eat or drink?my asnwer is always the same,yes i had a cup of coffee,t

Can you drink black coffee before a blood test that requires fasting?

Users have said:No seems to be the answer. My solution to this is to drink hot water from my coffee mug. It really helps your craving for coffee and hydrates you as well.No. T

Can a blood test show AIDS?

Depends on what type of blood test you take. Regular blood tests do not show AIDS, unless you ask for the facility to look for it. If you have a blood test done for, as an exa

Why do you fast before a blood test?

So the food doesn't affect your blood in any way (it can raise or lower your normal blood sugar levels).

Are blood test required to be married?

  It depends upon the requirements set by the country, county and state that you are applying for a license in. In some places it is required.

Which blood tests require you to fast?

for lipid profile require fasting blood sample (atleast 12-14hrs). fasting blood glucose. etc. etc.

Is there any test to know whether a girl has had sex before marriage?

If you go to a gynocologist, they can tell you in a few minutes. Otherwise, if she does have sex, her hymen will break and she will bleed, which shows that nothing has penetra

Why is a blood test required before marriage?

I'm guessing just incase there is any known or unknow disease or virus that you may or may not be aware of that could be transmitted to your partner. But like I said I'm just

Why are blood test required to get married?

Only a handful of states still require a blood test for couples  planning on marrying. Premarital blood tests check both partners  for venereal disease or rubella. The tests