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Do back posture braces work?

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Yes they do work.
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Why do you give extension exercises in flat low back posture?

flat back posture in not a result of few days strain. it is a slow result of faulty body mechanics(eg.sittin with lurched trunk in office for prolonged time over time to time)

Why does poor posture cause back pain?

Thanks for reading! . When you use proper posture the muscles are all working together to keep the body in proper posture. This use of proper posture keeps those muscles ton

How do elastics on braces work?

Well when you are assigned to wear the elastics there are several reasons. The main reason is that, your orthodontics wants the elastics to force the teeth closer together, yo

When you have braces and you cant bite down because your back teeth braces get in the way is that normal?

Yes, its perfectly normal for the molar brackets to get in the way of your bite. Usually this will last from 1 week to 3 weeks until the teeth move and you can finally bite do

Orthopedic Magnetic Knee Brace do they work?

There is little evidence to support that theory that magnetic braces work, but some people do find them helpful. The theory is that they 1) Increase blood flow and reduce infl

How do you get the colour back in your braces?

Drink fizzy juice! When i had dark blue braces, they turned kind of turqouise because i ate curry, then i went on holidays and drank Sprite and the original colour of blue ret

How long does it take for braces to work?

I am not a medical professional so i don't really know the full answer but from what i have been told it takes on average between 24-36 months for braces to be fully affective

What is posture?

posture, the positioning of the body
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How do you put a back brace on by yourself?

Thread two pieces of floss thru the spacer then use them to stretch spacer out....like make it long and thin....then see-saw it in between your teeth. If you cant get it back

Can bad posture cause back pain?

  Yes. Put your shoulders back and your tummy and bottom in and causing your chest to stick out a little. Your torso should be over your feet however do not lean forward t