Do bananas have te same DNA as humans?

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The same exact base pairs; A, T, G and C, though they are arranged quite a bit differently to produce banana proteins.
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How much DNA do humans share with bananas?

It's probably a fairly small proportion. According to evolutionarybiologist Robert May, President of Britain's Royal Society, "Weshare half our genes with the banana" (2001),

Does every human have the same DNA?

No, every human has a different set of DNA. That is why police can tell the differnece between two people using two different sets of hair.

Does all humans have the same DNA?

"Yes and No, humans share 99.9% of the same genetic material. The .1% is what makes everyone different from one another!" That .1% isn't actually a difference, it's simply

Do animals Have the same DNA as humans?

No. But the chimpanzee's DNA is similar to ours by 98% People believe that we humans developed from the ' chimpanzee because of how similar our DNA samples. It is

Is the DNA of a fruit the same as the DNA of a human?

Chemically DNA from any species is the same. But the things is the sequence of DNA such as AATTTCGAATG for example will not be the same. In fact, the sequence can not be the s

Who discovered that chimps have the same DNA to humans?

We share many things with chimpanzees. Jane Goodall has shown us this through her research at the Gombe National Reserve in Tanzania. We share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees.

Does human and dirt DNA have the same properties?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a fundamental component of life as we know it. Dirt is not an example of life. In order to be 'alive,' an object must metabolize through the int
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Is human DNA built the same as a plant?

The structure & replication process of eukaryotic cells DNA ie in eukaryotic plant and animal cells are same.Human cell is an eukaryotic animal cell, so its structure is simil