Do both parents have the right to claim their children on their income taxes?

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When parents are divorced, the use of the children's exemptions is generally determined by the decree. It has nothing to do with who pays for what. The parent with whom the children reside for over 50% of the year may claim Head of Household status. At no time may both parents claim the same children in the same year on separate income tax returns.
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What happens if you are separated from your husband and you both want to claim the children on your taxes and who has the right to claim the children?

this would depend upon if any pryor agrement was reached in the separation papers and local statutes if this was a divorce then the parent with cust would have tax credit some

Can the custodial parent claim both children and the earned income credit on their tax return if the non-custodial parent is behind on child support but usually you each claim one child?

Answer "Taxes w/ Children" . \nThe custodial Parent has the right to claim both children, but in your case if the NC parent is behind they will automatically take it from

What happens when both parents claim the same child in the same year on separate income tax returns?

this has happened to my husband for 10 years straight (as of this morning when we got our rejection email). If the second parent to claim the child e-files, they will get a

What is the age limit for claiming children on income taxes?

There are two types of dependents you can claim on your tax return. 1) "Qualifying child" A qualifying child must be a) under 19 at the end of the year OR b) under 24 at

Can a non custodial parent claim children on income taxes?

This could be possible when all of the rules are met for this purpose. You as the non-custodial parent would only be able to claim the children if the custodial parent relea

Can you claim parents as dependents for income tax purposes?

There are a set of rules in the tax instructions for determining whether or not someone qualifies as your dependent. They have to do mainly with whether they lived with you or