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Do boys usually wear mukluks?

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What are mukluks?

  Answer   A soft boot traditionally made of reindeer or seal skin and worn by natives of the Arctic.

You want to wear girl clothes but you are straight thirteen year old boy. I want to wear girl panties shirts and bras is this usual. Please help me?

Well I am not sure it's common.....but probably not anything to worry about. Do you have sisters? If you do not you could just be wondering what they look like and how they ar

Synonym on mukluks?

Mukluks are a type of tall heavy shoe such as a pair of boots.Synonyms for the term mukluks include footwear, brogan, galoshes,oxford, waders, waters, and snow shoes.

Who wears Mukluk?

Muklks are a soft boot traditionally made of reindeer skin or sealskin and usually worn by arctic aboriginals including the inuit and the Yupik.

What do eighth grade boys usually wear to there dance?

Well, theres two things. If your going to a formal all school dance; wear a regular shirt and jeans (or shorts depending on the weather) As for something like an 8th g
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What to wear for boys?

Try to wear something simple, like a cool T-shirt or a pair of super skinny jeans. Or maybe put your hair up in a high ponytail. Don't over-do your make-up, it will make you s