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Yes, chickens have ears. They are located on the side of the head, where you would expect to see an ear, except they are flush with the skin, so you have to know what to look for. The ear is a circular opening into the ear canal protected by a covering of small feathers.

Immediately below the ear is the ear lobe. If it is totally red, the chicken is a brown egg layer. If it has a whitish or pale center which may or may not be surrounded by red, then it is a white egg layer. Blue egg layers are difficult to verify by earlobe identification. In Heritage breeds the earlobes do not always match the egg color.
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Are human ears the same as in chickens?

The ears of birds, including chickens, are simpler than those of mammals, but have a comparable ability to detect sounds of various frequencies.   The biggest difference, o

Where are chickens ears?

Yes, chickens have ears on the sides of their head, covered by feathers, you can actually see their little earlobes hanging down below the feathers

Where are the ears on a chicken?

The chickens ears are a little hole on each side of their head. They are located right behind their eye. A white earlobe on a chicken indicates that the chicken is a white egg

What do chicken ears look like?

  the insides look like any other animal, but the covers, are small flaps usually red orange or greenish blue

Can red eared sliders eat chicken?

Yes, small amounts of cooked chicken are a relatively common diet  addition in captivity, but should be more of a treat than a  noticeable portion of the diet.

What is the function of chickens ear lobe?

In most cases the color of the ear lobe will indicate the color of the egg that a hen will lay. The offspring of a rooster will have the same color ear lobe as the rooster. O