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Do congressman pay taxes?

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Yes, they are subject to the same tax code.
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Do you have to pay taxes if you shop on eBay?

The seller of the item determines that, if the seller is a normal individual who is selling something not wholesale, then 99% of the time it is tax free, but if you are buying

What do the congressman do?

Although "congressman" may refer to any member of Congress, it often refers to a member of the House of Representatives, the members of the Senate being called senators. I

Do you have to pay taxes on a life insurance pay out?

  Answer   One of the still remaining, best aspects of Life insurance, (the  investment aspect of which has been generally agreed to be poor at  best) is that the

What taxes do you pay?

Un-answerable. (first by "you" I suspect you mean "everyone"). All taxes are paid by someone, or something (a company for example). But not everyone pays all taxes, certai

When do you have to pay federal income tax?

  Your taxes must be paid through out the year. That is, by either payroll withholding or making estimated payments on your estimated amount due quarterly...with a Form 10

Do you have to pay taxes when selling a car?

The taxes will be payed with the new owner because it is now his  responsibility.    In virtually all states, the laws governing sales tax on vehicles  is different t

How much tax will pay on 61000?

If a person makes between | $60,950 and $61,000, they will pay varying amounts on $61,000 depending on how they are filing their income tax returns. Someone could pay between

A congressman does not?

  * serve for life * (nova net)

When do you pay Capital gains taxes?

  Capital gains are taxes that you pay on profit as a result of selling an asset. Usually you reconcile these when you do your IRS tax returns. You get a credit for the co

Do you have to pay taxes on coins that you sell?

Yes as collectibles. These are capital assets except when they are held for sale by a dealer 9in which case they are inventory). Any gain or loss you have from their sale or t

Do congressman pay for their postage?

  No. Congressmen have the ability to use what is called a 'Free Frank' for official business. It really means that they sign the envelope, now days it is a pre-printed si

Do businesses pay taxes?

In one way or another, they pay income taxes on profits, property,vehicles, and every other tax that everyone else pays. Depending onthe type of business and how it is formed,