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Do congressman pay taxes?

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Yes, they are subject to the same tax code.
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What does a congressman do?

A Congressman or woman's main job is to make laws. They makespeeches to the group, debate, and vote. In certain circumstancesthey have other powers, like declaring war and imp

What do the congressman do?

Although "congressman" may refer to any member of Congress, it often refers to a member of the House of Representatives, the members of the Senate being called senators. I

Who pays your Congressman?

Pay for congressmen comes from two sources: 1. Pay, perks and benefits for congressmen are paid by the US Govt, using money paid by taxpayers. 2. Bribes, kickbacks, Under

What is a congressman?

In the United States of America a congressman is anyone elected to the legislative branch of government. However the legislative branch is divided into two parts, the Senate a

In a 401k when you eventually pay taxes which taxes do you pay?

Distributions from your 401K after you reach your retirement age the taxable amount will be subject to federal income tax at your marginal tax rate and may be subject to some

Do you have to pay taxes on a life insurance pay out?

  Answer   One of the still remaining, best aspects of Life insurance, (the  investment aspect of which has been generally agreed to be poor at  best) is that the

What taxes do you pay?

Un-answerable. (first by "you" I suspect you mean "everyone"). All taxes are paid by someone, or something (a company for example). But not everyone pays all taxes, certai

What do taxes pay for?

See the "Grace Commission Report". The report said that 100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the National Debt, and by federal government contribution

When do you pay the taxes if you tax out money from a 401k?

You can have some income tax withheld from the distribution amount are you can choose to make some quartely estimated tax payments or you can wait until you file your income t

Do you pay taxes on income tax return?

I assume that this question is about an income tax refund, and not about an income tax return (which is the form you file with income tax authorities every year, along with an

Why pay tax?


If you don't pay taxes will you get a tax refund?

no not at all   alternative view   A tax refund is absolutely dependent on if more money was paid in (through payroll withholding or estimated payments ever quarter -

Do congressman pay for their postage?

  No. Congressmen have the ability to use what is called a 'Free Frank' for official business. It really means that they sign the envelope, now days it is a pre-printed si