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Do cruise ships provide hairdryers?

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yes they do i went on a cruise and they do and they are awesome trips
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Where do Carnival Cruise Ships send their ships that are not on a cruise?

Cruise lines do not often have ships that are not being used. When the heavy cruise season ends at one place in the world, it is usually just beginning in another.   Most s

What jobs are on a cruise ship?

Cruise Ship Entertainment Jobs   Almost always synonymous with "cruise staff", these positions are considered most glamorous jobs on the ship and are the most in demand car

What is the best cruise ship for an Alaskan cruise?

It really depends on what you want to do. If you're looking for three days up and three days back, ANY of the premium Cruise lines can do this well. If you really want to see

Can a cruise ship survive a tsunami?

Yes, while at sea tsunamis are only a few feet high and often hundreds of miles long. It is not until they reach the shallow water near land that they reach their full height.

Which cruise line has the most cruise ships?

It will be a close draw between Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise line. Both are the big players in the Cruising industry as both have 22 ships (if you include

What is a cruise ship?

A cruise ship is a very large ship, usually carrying hundreds of passengers, that tours various areas or countries while providing comfortable living arrangements aboard. They

What does a cruise ship have on it?

Well, it depends on the company. Pools with play structures and tubes are quite often included. Shows, buffet dinners, and sometimes gambling is available. Dances, music and l

Can you take drugs on a cruise ship?

Yes....as long as you don't get caught.   If you do get caught prepare to go to prison in the country where you got busted.   Pity the fool who get locked up in Turkey o

What is royal promenade on a cruise ship?

The Promenade deck on a cruise ship is usually the deck that runs almost the whole course of the ship. You can walk down it and see shops, casino, disco, bars, entertainment v

Who invented the first cruise ship?

No one single person invented the first cruise ship, they evolved over a period of decades, with contributions being made to design changes during this time from dozens of nau