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No, they don't actually chirp like birds
But they shriek, if that's what you meant to say.
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Why do crickets chirp?

Only male crickets chirp. It's actually called 'stirdulation'. This happens when it rubs the bottom part of one of its wings on the top part of the other wing. There are 3 rea

Why do chicks chirp?

Chicks chirp as a flock activity. It is communication to both the hen and other chicks. A chick will chirp loudly if it is alone, or if it sees an unfamiliar animal approach (

Do hummingbirds chirp?

While the sounds of hummingbirds are not exactly considered music, they definitely have a language all of their own. It would be more appropriate to call them chirps then it w

Why do birds chirp?

Birds sing to protect territory and attract mates. They chirp and vocalize in other ways to communicate where there are, where there is danger. Birds talk to birds and human t

Why do budgies chirp?

Budgies chirp as a form of communication. Depending on the varying degrees of pitch and style of chirping, the chirp can mean several things. It could be a contact call, meani

Is chirping an adjective?

Chirping can be an adjective, depending on how it's used. As an adjective -- Look at the chirping bird. As a verb -- That bird has been chirping for hours now.

How does a cricket chirp?

they rub their back legs together That is a myth. The males rub the edge of their wing (which has 'teeth') onto their leg and this is what makes the chirping sound.

Why do geckos chirp?

Geckos do indeed chirp or squeak as many of them have vocal cords. However, other species in the order Squamata (scaled reptiles: lizards and snakes) do not possess them. Ge

Why do parakeets chirp?

a parakeet chirps when they are happy, sad, lonely, or trying to mate.

How does the cricket chirp?

The chirping you hear is them rubbing their hind legs together, and has nothing to do with their mouths.

Why do cats chirp?

  Because they desperately want to be stalking and killing said birds, most likely. Cats are born hunters, and will often kill just for the fun of it. Basically, that quiv
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What ducks chirp?

No they Quack didnt you pay attention un kindergarten? no they do chirp or peep until they are about 6 weeks old.