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Do doritos make your vagina smell bad?

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If you rub them all over it , yes
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How can i tell my girlfriend her vagina smells without making her feel bad?

Answer   All woman have a very distinctive smell, even if they wash every day, it it a bad smell or just a smell? Maybe shower together - make it sexy, just don't go blu

Why do vaginas smell bad?

it is just because all the waste come out from your body through vagina and anus.that is why it stinks   and in other word it is a God's will it's a nutural smell. but may

Do certain foods make your vagina smell bad?

Answer   There are certain foods that can make you smell. I know one for a fact is sardines. A few hours afters consuming sardines my vagina smells like I just opened the

What makes your vagina smell?

Not washing your vagina makes it smell... I used to know a girl and she always smelled of fish because she never washed down below.

Can semen make a vagina smell bad?

Yes it can give the vagina an odor. Semen has a smell and a vagina's have a smell so when that semen is sitting in the vagina, it causes a certain smell. Sometimes a light fis

How do you make your vagina smell better?

Keep it regularly and thoroughly cleaned out, which would include baths as well as showers, eating healthily and not over-indulging and using some nice body spray in the are

Why does your vagina smell bad?

If your body is healthy it shouldn't smell like anything at all. Here are some things that are probably causing you to smell bad down there. 1.you have a urinary tract infec

Why does my vagina smell bad?

You have to wipe it when you urinate and also wen you take a showeryo u have to wash it good. Also trim or shave the pubic hair aorund the vaginal area. The female reproductiv
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How can you cure bad-smelling vagina?

You first have to wash thoroughly. Scrub and scrub. Then dry yourself with a hair dryer. Do not wear panties for a few days, they just keep your cunny wet. Don't look at any p