Do fish cough?

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They will expel air when they are caught deep and brought up faster than their floatation can adjust naturally.
Fish cough as a reaction from their body... most of the time they cough to clear out a piece of food from their throat .NAIM
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How can you fight a cough?

Ways to Fight a Cold . If the cough has lasted more than 3 - 4 days and is deep within the chest please see your doctor. You don't want to get Bronchitis, Pneumonia or a sinus infection. Your doctor may prescribe something to keep the airways open and clear, but there is nothing to get rid of an (MORE)

What makes you cough?

its when you breathe in and you breathe in a tiny peace of lint it makes you cough.

Why are you coughing?

Coughing is usually a sign that the body wants to get rid ofsomething. It can also mean an infection or other condition. If itdoes not go away, it should be checked by a physician.

What causes coughs?

To begin with, coughing is actually a defense mechanism mainly against airborne particles. When people cough, the jet of air ejects foreign particles from blocking the air passageways. Such causes include: smoke, dust, clogged food in the throat, or air pollution. Coughs can also be caused by getti (MORE)

What makes coughs?

Coughs can be catched by someone else if that same person in the room as you has a cough and they don't use a tissue then the micrpbes of the germs will pass on to you.

Can cough be psychosomatic?

Yes, cough can be psychosomatic. This may be generating an opinion among the relatives that the individual is sick and always need a caring. other normal diseases can be easily detected, but the reason for this kind of cough may not be able to. And pains complaints can be understood lying. cough is (MORE)

Why do people cough at you?

well i hate to say it but they are just being mean they know that they could easily justlook away when they cough but they choose not to they wanna spread germs another reason is because they have no manners

What is kennel cough?

Kennel cough is the lay term for an upper respiratory infection caused by Bordetella bacteria. The infection causes a characteristic dry cough in dogs, and is often seen in dogs after they return home from a stay in the kennel - hence the name "kennel cough". Treatment consists of antibiotics for (MORE)

Curing a cough?

There are multiple ways to cure a cough. Some ways include: . Drinking lots of fluids (especially water) . Take cough syrup . Take cough drops

What is benign cough?

A benign cough is one where their is no serious or fatal disease as the cause of it. This type of cough can be caused by a cold, irritants, breathing cold air, nasal drip, a throat infection or other such similar condition. Most benign coughs go away in 5-7 days and can respond well to cough syrups (MORE)

Can dogs cough?

Kennel cough is perhaps the closest canine equivalent to the common cold. It's rarely life-threatening, but it sure can be uncomfortable for your dog. Fortunately, an annual vaccination can protect your dog from kennel cough.

What can you do to stop coughing?

Try drinking about 1-6 glasses of water. i dont know wether it works or not but i've heard it lots of times and apparently it does. so im going to try it now because i'm just coughing constantly and can not sleep. Hope this helps for me and you!! good luck. :)

Why is your baby coughing?

As it is known that our bodies or shall i say our immune system has the ability to fight infections ,it fights them in a way we wouldn't understand but coughing is on of the ways our body gets rid of bacteria or viruses.So basically the main reason we cough is because our body is trying to get rid o (MORE)

What do you do for a cough and a fever?

1. Measure your temperature with a digital thermomether. 2. If your temperature is higher than 37.6 degree celcius, take some medication, including cough syrup. 3. Get enough rest, drink lots of water. 4. If symptoms persist after 3 days, consult your doctor.

What kind of cough is an asthma cough?

An Asthma cough is not an ordinary cough. If you have the sickness asthma your cough will be real bad sometimes.I deal with it all the time.It is non stop sometime and other times it is short. You can tell by the way the cough sounds.If you are sick with it here is some advice. .Get lots of rest (MORE)

Why do fish cough?

I did a bit of research and what I came up with was ; Fish don't cough like us, they cough to expel or dislodge stuff in their gills. Fish don't have lungs or diaphragms like us so they don't cough like us

Why is a cough called a cough?

Simply put, because it sounds like what it is: that's called "onomatopoeic". "Cough" comes from Old English, first recorded in the early 14th century. See the related link below:

Why do we cough?

It is usually to clear something from our throat, such as vomiting clears things from your stomach.

What do you do when you have a cough?

eat vitamin c powder than it will be better... You should first cover your mouth to stop the germs from spreading around the air and infecting others. Then, make sure you drink enough liquids (such as water, not soda!). I would also recommend a cough drop if you are constantly coughing. You shoul (MORE)

Do you cough if you have AID's?

yeah an aids patient may cough due to week immune system. they are easily caught by various diseases as the AIDS virus makes our wbcs unable to fight against entering diseases.

Do bloodhounds cough?

Like all dogs bloodhounds might gag if they pull on their collar too much while going for a walk. If this is happening, I suggest you get your dog a harness. There is also a sickness called Kennel Cough. This isn't very serious but it should be treated. The most common symptom is a dry hacking cough (MORE)

What can you do for a coughing hamster?

if u have wood shaving bedding get rid if it it contains many dust particels. and aftr dat if ur hamster continues coughing then d 1st thng u shud do is rush 2 d vet

Does coughing get you higher?

referencing personal experience anyways and assuming you mean smoking weed, yes it seems like it does in fact get me higher... dont know the science about it or if other people agree tho

How do you get rid of a cough?

The best way I've found is to use a medicine with guaifenesin init. For example, many cough medicines have this as the main activeingredient, such as Robitussin, generic equivalents of Robitussinand Mucinex tablets. These will likely have "expectorant" on thelabel (but not always). Guaifenesin in a (MORE)

What is the remedy for a cough?

The first remedy is to gurgle in hot water with little salt every half an hour. It will provide relief , ease the throat infection. If the throat condition worsens, take cough syrup as per Doctor's advice.

What is it when you have a cough for months?

It could be that you have developed a kind of allergic asthma, particularly if there are no other symptoms of cold or flu. This happened to my 60 year old brother and it took a long time for it to be diagnosed. He had never had allergy or asthma symptoms before, although asthma runs in our family. T (MORE)

What is an onomatopoeia for coughing?

First off, the word "cough" itself is an onomatopoeia. But if you want another word, try "hacking". Often in literature, "coughing" and "hacking" mean the same thing. They are used in conjunction with one another. For the sound after the cough, try wheezing and rattling.

Can cough be prevented?

It is important to identify and treat the underlying disease and origin of the cough. Avoid smoking and coming in direct contact with people experiencing cold or flu symptoms.

How is cough diagnosed?

If these actions are not enough to determine the cause of the cough, a bronchoscopy or laryngoscopy may be ordered. These tests use slender tubular instruments to inspect the interior of the bronchi and larynx.

What does cough do?

a cough is usually a reflex triggered when an irritant stimulates one or more of the cough receptors found at different points in the respiratory system. These receptors then send a message to the cough center in the brain

How do you sing with a cough?

You really can't because your voice will be all scratchy and it will hurt a lot. But if you have to sing with a cough, I suggest first drinking lots of fluids, (ex. tea, water). Also, take some medicine for a cough or sore throat, cough drops, or anything like that. Another thing to make me talk bet (MORE)

Is cough a verb?

Yes, cough is a verb. It can be used transitively or intransitively. It can also be used as a noun.

What are symptoms of cough?

Symptoms of a cough would be things that are experienced by thepatient themselves. This can include things like feeling pressurein the chest area, feeling congestion or a ticklish sensation thatproduces the urge to cough.

Why do you cough with the flu?

Influenza viruses attack the respiratory system. As they force the cells in the respiratory system to stop their usual function and make new viruses instead, your body notices the strain of the loss of those cells' function. Additionally, when the virus has been reproduced to the point of bursting o (MORE)

How do you deal with cough?

well the way I deal with my cough is to just take a cough drop's ricola kinds are the best for a cough you cant get that cough away by taking cough drops... take some cough syrup and if that cough doesn't wear off i think you should go to the doctor and see because that might be iteration in the lun (MORE)

Why do chickens cough?

i know chickens spit when they are angry, haha, its true, i think they cough like we do when they are sick or have something lodged its a long way down

What is a nonproductive cough?

A nonproductive cough is a cough that does not bring up phlegm ormucus. It is also called a dry cough, and tends to irritate thethroat much more than a productive cough (a cough that brings upphlegm and/or mucus) does.

What creature is a cough?

a cough is a mystical creature of legend. many claim to have seen it, but few really have and those who dare to see it never return. also know to rape children and kill them with a stick.

What is the function of a cough?

Coughing is a natural body function with the purpose of clearing the airways and lungs of foreign substances.Ê Coughing is generally good for us, a prolonged cough could be signs of an underlaying medical condition and may be cause to see a physcian.

Do you cough if you have the flu?

Yes,\nit is a very common symptom with influenza which is a disease that \naffects mostly the respiratory system. See the related questions in the\nrelated questions section for more information about the symptoms of \nthe flu. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n\n\n. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n

Why am i coughing?

You may be coughing for a number of reasons, such as smoking,allergies, something caught in your throat, or an illness. To findout the reason you may be, please see a doctor.

What is caused of coughing?

The question is not worded so that it can be answered. "Of" is nota word that should be used in this sense. Do you mean "What is thecause of coughing?" or "What is caused by coughing?" Please re-askyour question and phrase it in standard English so that it can beanswered.

What is the benefit of coughing?

With a cold or upper respiratory infection, you make more mucousthan usual and this has to be removed. If it isn't, it will blockoxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. Coughing removes the extra mucous.

What can you do for a baby who is coughing?

If the baby is coughing deeply (chest depresses with each exhale and cough sounds like a seal barking) your baby might have whooping cough. This requires a trip to the doctor or emergency room for breathing treatments.