Do fluorescent light bulbs last longer than regular ones?

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Yes it does last longer. It is more expensive though in the end it save money because it uses less energy.
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How long does a fluorescent light bulb last?

Depending on the quality of their design - and the quality of the components used in their manufacture - compact fluorescent light bulbs have rated lifetimes between 4,000 and

How does a regular incandescent bulb compared to a compact fluorescent one?

A regular incandescent bulb uses a lot more energy than a compact fluorescent to produce the same amount of light. Most energy used by an incandescent bulb is wasted as heat

What makes energy-saving light bulbs last longer than regular bulbs?

There is the an electronic circuit with a lot of Diode, Capacitor, Resistance and many other components, which use to make the bulb more efficient and help to save the energy

Why is it better to use fluorescent light bulbs than regular light bulbs?

If you use them correctly, fluorescent bulbs won't burn out (youneed to leave them on for 8 hours the first time they are turnedon). Also, they use about 1/3 the electricity a

Are regular light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs worse for the environment?

On the one hand, fluorescent bulbs contain toxic materials that can be released when the bulb is dumped. On the other hand, fluorescent bulbs last so much longer than do regul

What light bulb lasts longer a CFL or a regular one?

Fluorescent bulbs, including Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) are designed to last longer because they have no filament to burn out. However, many of the current CFLs will
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Where can one purchase a fluorescent light bulb?

One may purchase a fluorescent light bulb at Home Depot, Lowe's and Home Hardware. Other sources for these bulbs include Canadian Tire, Rona and Walmart.
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Where can one buy fluorescent light bulbs?

Fluorescent light bulbs can be bought at most hardware stores and lighting specialist stores. They can be purchased online from these stores and from online Dealers such as Am
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What are pros and cons of a fluorescent light bulb and regular light bulbs?

The types of bulbs in use in the home are incandescent (regular),halogen (improved incandescent), compact fluorescent (CFL) andlight-emitting diode (LED). The amount of light