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Do giraffes or humans have more neck bones?

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Both humans and giraffes have the same numbers of neck bones. Both animals have seven neck bones.
Yes it has because when you look at your neck then look at a giraffes neck it doesn't look like it but if you get a x ray on your neck then a giraffe gets a x ray and count the giraffes x ray then count yours it has the same amount you wouldn't believe your eyes if you did
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Which has more bones - a human or a snake?

A snake has more bones. The human skeleton has approximately 200 bones. A snake has at least 200 vertebrae and sometimes more than 400 depending on the species (ccompared with

How many bones do giraffes have in their necks?

Just like us, the giraffe has 7 neck vertebrae. There vertebrae isjust longer making their neck longer and appear to have more bones. Seven, the same number humans have, but t

How is it possible that a human baby and a giraffe have the same number of bones in the neck?

Like almost all mammals, both a human baby and a girrafe have seven cervical vertebrae (bones in the neck).   You asked "how is it possible" and the answer would deal with

How many bones does a human has in its neck?

A human, like most mammals, has seven vertebrae in their neck. These seven bones are called the cervical vertebrae. There is another bone called the hyoid which is attached to

How many bones make up a humans neck?

Seven; cervical vertebrae numbered C1-C7. There are 7 bones in a human neck. Humans actually have the same amount of neck bones as a giraffe, but a giraffe's bones are a lot