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Do girls have a tougher life growing up than boys do?

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No. It's depedant on the individual's home enviroment, access to healthcare and education, and overall the cultural perspective on that particular gender. Some cultures value both men and women as contributing members, while others cast women in lower societal roles.
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Why are girl nicer than boys?

  It is scentific that girls are way more mature than boys and don't mess about as much.

Are boys cooler than girls or not?

  YES THEY are because they are stronger in many ways and dose not cry when a person hits them   ^^clearly a boy wrote that. don't be so sexist. girls can be a lot co

Are girls tougher then boys?

Actually it all depends on skill! Girls can be tougher than boys and boys can be tougher than girls. It matters on there strength and skill.

Who is life is easier boys or girls?

Depends which side you look at it from, boys will often believe girls have to easier while girls often believe boys do. Girls are often thought to have a harder life due to di

Is an elephant tougher than a lion?

you are right because I now that elephant and lion would not fight. but elephant are stronger because elephant are so big and tougher then a lion. but the elephant should be t

What was Taylor swifts life as a little girl growing up?

Taylor's family was quite wealthy however she grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. where it was her job to pull praying mantis pods off the trees before they went

Are boys stupider than girls?

it is true girls are smarter then boys because boys were built stronger and girls smarter that's why most teachers are girls -Different User- That's definitely not true. S

Do girls grow up faster than boys?

Generally speaking, yes, girls do grow faster than boys, physically and mentally. However, there are exceptions. Not every girl grows faster than a boy the same age and same o

How was life growing up in Sparta as a girl and boy?

I think the life in Sparta for girls and boys were completely different. the boys might have had a lot of freedom than what an girl would have because girls were treated the s

Growing up as boys and girls?

being a boy or a girl is an important part one's identity.it is good to mingling or be friend with to a girl or a boy.but we should think that we are living in a good society

Is there more girls than boys?

According to current statistics, there are 6% more males than females worldwide age 15 years and under. For ages 15 to 64 there are 3% more males than females. Check out http:

How are girls different than boys?

A girl has a vagina and a boy has a penis. A girl has mood swings and a boy does'nt. A girl gets her period and a bot gets wet dreams. A boy has an adams apple and a girl dont
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Why boys are better than a girl?

On the contrary girls have taken over as the supreme sex nowadays girls are better than boys in school results, school sports and 60 percent of university spaces are girls. An