Do girls have a tougher life growing up than boys do?

Answer No. It's depedant on the individual's home enviroment, access to healthcare and education, and overall the cultural perspective on that particular gender. Some cultures value both men and women as contributing members, while others cast women in lower societal roles.
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Is an elephant tougher than a lion?

you are right because I now that elephant and lion would not fight.  but elephant are stronger because elephant are so big and tougher  then a lion. but the elephant should (MORE)
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Are boys beter than girls?

boys are better than girls because when they become adults girls usually cook and boys work
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What was Taylor swifts life as a little girl growing up?

Taylor's family was quite wealthy however she grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. where it was her job to pull praying mantis pods off the trees before they went (MORE)
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What Do Girls Want? Dating Tips for Teen Boys

What do girls want? If you are a teenage boy, you probably ask yourself this question frequently. However, the answer to this question is not as complicated as you think. Girl (MORE)

Twin Combo, Boy and Girl Twins

Congratulations, you are having twins. It is important to gain as much knowledge as you can so that you can prepare. Fraternal twins can either be a set of girls, set of boys, (MORE)
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Do girls grow up faster than boys?

Generally speaking, yes, girls do grow faster than boys, physically and mentally. However, there are exceptions. Not every girl grows faster than a boy the same age and same o (MORE)

Why are boys crazier than girls?

They aren't.   CLARIFICATION It's a matter of perspective. To females, their behaviors seem rational and normal while the constant emotional outbursts over fashion and go (MORE)

Why is English tougher than math?

its not but chances are your brain works better with persoanlly i prefer English to maths Answer: English (the subject) is generally more difficult at than lowe (MORE)

Are boys life harder than girls?

Your life is what oyu make of it! That means that no one genders life is harder than the other, we all have issues that need dealing with in our own lives
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Is eee tougher than ece?

No eee and ece are equally tough they are similar branches varies  in communication and electrical fields.
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Fraternal Combo, Twin Boy and Girl

The doctor says you are having twins. Now it is important to secure as much knowledge as you possibly can to prepare. Fraternal twins can either be a set of girls, set of boys (MORE)