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Yes bcoz u always knw tht wat evr he does wont hurt u sinc u knew tht hs a bad boy
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Why do good girls like bad boys?

Answer That's been a puzzler for a long time. If the good girls wouldn'treward the "bad boys", there would be far less acting out. New Answer I read somewhere that women look for a man who they feel canprotect them and their offspring. Tough guys are loud and obnoxiousso harder to ignore. All the women in my family say we have a cursethat if a nice guy likes us we are not interested. We are like bummagnets, if one is within 50 feet of us... Im definitely considered a "good girl" but not in an annoying way.I sometimes have small crushes on guys who seem really lost simplybecause I want so much to help them and tell them that they deserveto be loved. Like, it's not some fake thing that is more looking atthem as "projects" than guys, it is definatel a crush, but honestlyif a really beautful bad guy seems secluded and broken, I tend tosee him as someone I could totally love and not feel like I wasdoing it for him but for me. HOWEVER, it is certainly not the sameway with "bad guys" like class clown type bad guys who areobnoxious and make fun of the other guys. Just nice guys who do badstuff to themselves. Another big HOVEVER, those aren't the kind ofguys I would consider dating. Just as a dirty little secret kind ofcrush that you keep in mind for if you ever feel like being bad.(Godd girls do think of that sometimes and have huge pressures tobut have the willpower to control themselves.) The kind of guy thatI would want to date is someone who is chivelrous, sweet, majorlyinto his faith, loves God more than he loves me so he'll catch meif i slip, and smart (smart doesn't always meen you're nerdy. Ihave the hugest crush on a really smart guy.) ANOTHER POSSIBILITY: I believe that girls like bad guys because they have a liltle bitof a bad girl inside them. They just needed someone brave enough tobring it out of them even though they might be shy at first. Another possibilty: Women don't like the nice guys because they know that the nice guywill do everything she wants. She likes the challenge, the ups anddowns, and the mystery that a bad boy gives her. She doesn't wantto be told that she's pretty ten times a day or more. She alreadyknows she's pretty, sexy, and attractive, she doesn't want to hearit alot. Also, nice guys are very boring and simple, andconsistent. Women get bored easily, so with a bad boy there'salways something new and exciting(you know life won't ever beboring with a bad boy). His life interests you, because its fastpace, and it also gives you the advantage of helping him become thegood guy. Every girl dreams about being the one that changed thebad boy to a good guy. Women love challenges, just like men do.Without challenge, would anything in life be worth pursuing?

Why do girls like bad boys?

they like them because there rough and really tough on the outside they like to get there hands dirty. girls dont really like weak and smart and to sensitive guys its not attractive its just another like but its a guy . bad boys are smoking hot but have a bit of a sensitive side on the inside when some one dumps them or some thing else. hope you's liked this (:

Why do girls fall for bad boys?

Answer Maybe because deep down inside, the girl knows that the boy is good; he's just angry with society in general, but the girl in his life makes him happier and more content. Answer Girls (and women) think they can change bad boys. They can't. This drive to "fix" them comes down through the ages. Unless it happens to be a primary goal of the boy (very rare) you will waste a lot of time, emotion, and sometimes money. Before investing too much in such an effort, get to know a boys motives and goals. Don't go by what he says, go by his past and current behavior to predict future behavior. Good luck! Answer They go for bad boys because they think that he can protect her, plain and simple.

Why do women like bad boys?

Women like bad boys because the world is a madhouse, running on a system of hate, the opposite to God and logic. The original plan was a nice boy and nice girl would love each other honoring God (who is love) so God would give them everything. When Eve was deceived by the "devil", the god of self, human nature, the world fell into the animal, survival of the fittest hate system. It is a "war zone" where women trust in dominance instead of love, and the man, not God is the "provider and protector" The world worships the god of self and independence from God. They think he is a "real" man because he has a "self confident" "warrior" nature and remains dominant. But like Adam, he will never be as deceived as the woman so she will have the advantage and choose and control him. Most women are mercenary warriors looking for the best weapon (man) to use against people. Evil women look for security in the god of hate, not love but he doesn't exist! The only real security is in love. They want to stand behind him while he, like a sucker fights her battles. Then she remains innocent. Love has nothing to do with it. A REAL man (nice boy) is not confident but humble because he realizes he has no authority and believes in the invisible God. A REAL man has no "war spirit" and allows the girl free will and puts her on a pedestal, He is more like God so doesn't need to try and dominate her and act tough. Smart nice girls like "nice boys" because they believe in the REAL God too and trust in love, but they are rare as hens teeth.

Why do girls like the bad boys?

They like bad boys cause they feel like they are cool and i guess some girls like that.

How do you know when a bad boy likes you?

Answer . i'll take him and make him a good boy. that would be challenging. if he likes me that much to pursue on with the relationship, then i know he'll change. =) . Answer . Steer clear of 'bad boys/girls' whether they call themselves that or they're called that by reputation. You cannot change anyone's behavior, they have to want to change their behavior. Just because someone pursues you does not mean that they have sincere feelings for you. Definitely take into consideration their prior history with people they've dated--don't believe you'll be the exception to the rule. . Answer . He doesn't, he likes himself - well he doesn't like himself either.

Is it bad when girls hug boys?

Answer: No, it isn't bad. . Answer of course it's not bad when girls hug boys. its just a way of showing how you feel about them. by hugging them you're just telling them that you want to be friends. It's not bad at all. Its only warm. . No it's not bad it helps them out lets them know that u like them . No, not at all, but only if you know the boy you're hugging and the boy knows you. too. It's just like showing a boy that you are glad to be his friend. And of course, it's especially not bad if you are related to that boy, like if he's your brother, cousin, or even your boy friend. But, even though, its sometimes bad if you hug a boy, but the boy isn't in the mood for hugs and stuff like that. If the guy is your best friend, I'm pretty sure it'll be ok. yeah i guess but in front of people or not but the boy will fell a little shy at first its not wrong at all my bff gives her boyfriend a hug yeah shes nervous and scared cuz this is her first bf and shes only gave him 2 hugs! and i help her calm down i mean if i had a bf i would but i don't have a bf look i hug boys to but iam showing a good friend ok it is not bad to hug a boy. but if girl hug boy the boy feel very nice if boy hug girl the boy is should speek for love . OK so it is not bad to hug your boyfriend it shows him that you care about him and that you still like him...and hugging 'guy friends' is not bad either and that shows that you are still friends..when i hug my boyfriend he says he feels good because he knows that i still like him...when my boyfriend hugs me I feel AMAZING to any of the guys looking at this page hug your girlfriends! and mine is coming to my house for a "pool party" and yeah he said we are going onto the volleyball court and we r going to make-out! So nothing is bad you just have to be ready for it...I am 12 years old.

Do bad boys like good girls?

Well. Bad boys can like good girls. Because they are oddly attracted to them wondering how do they act so GOOD? Kinda like the saying opposites atract

Why do boys treat girls who like them so bad?

I am a boy and i im thinking that a girl asked this question but boys treat girls that like them so bad because sometiimes they might not like the girl that like them or the girl can probably get annoying the main reason is because most of the time boys don't even notice that they are diong it and the girl might like him to much to not notice it but either way it is wrong to treat a girl bad and i would never treat a girl bad Im a girl and I think the reason is 2 things 1 of all a boy may like u but doesn't wanna admit it because boys don't have sensitive feelings like girls and 2 the boy might be annoyed with the girl and the girl is being a lunar pschyo!!!!!!!!! Answer:"> Answer: I disagree with the girl response: I am a 20 year old guy and I have VERY deep emotions and feelings. It is a sterotype that guys don't have emotions; men have been told for decades that they must be masculine to survive in this world. I say it is total rubish. I have deep emotions and feelings, yet can be VERY manly at times as well. It all depends on the guy. Boys who are in their teens usually aren't used to relationships and they are hard for em. They sometimes don't know how to treat a woman right, so take time and be understanding. Don't let them treat you like crap, but also be understanding especially if you can tell they are trying to love you. Answer: I believe that boys DO have feelings. It just depends on the boy that you are dealing with. Same with girls, it's just people in general. Not all girls are sensative, obviously. Not all guys treat girls wrong, some guys just aren't ready for a real relationship, or they may just like being single. Like I said, it depends on the guy. Other guys just don't understand how to act in a relationship if they haven't had very many relationships, or have had poor relationships prior. Answer: Mainly because they don't like them back. Boys have feelings, just find it hard to control them. I know because i am a boy.

How do you know if a bad boy likes you?

well seeing as how i am a very bad boy,to make this answer as short as posible, just take him to a private area and ask him wether or not he likes you.Odds are if youre hot, he'll say yes, were all shallow like that.

Why do girls love bad boys?

Girls might like bad guys because they arent wimpy and they are buff. There are many reasons why girls like different boys it all depend on your personality. Answer The sense of danger is an aphrodisiac. However, over the long term, these bad boys can make life miserable.

Do girls like poetic artistic type guys or do they only like bad boys?

Women don't know what they like most of the time so be yourself and you won't get stuck trying to please a woman by being fake. There is a woman out there for every type. To be honest girls go for both or a mixture. It also depends on what you mean by bad boys? You mean confident, independent, cool and plays by his own rules? Yes, everyone likes someone who's their own person. As for artistic types, they can be a bad boys too. Artistic types, music, literature, any form of working with your hands, painting, sculpting, or media, that's a wide a variety. It depends on the girl, I'd go for the artistic types, they usually are rebellious bad boys in disguise. Find your talent, if you're good in sports you're athletic, if you're good at arts you are artistic, if you're good at sciences and of that variety you're intellectual, just be who you are and you can still be a bad boy.

Do boys like boys and girls?

Some men like men, some men like women, some men like both men and women. Some women like men, some women like women, some women like both men and women. Different people love in different ways :)

Why do girls like the bad boy?

it turns themm on i guess (Haruna)- Its because the girls that like them are bad also. Bad girls just put on better false personage than guys can. Trash likes other trash... its proven.

Is it true that if a boy pickes on a girl so bad means that he likes you?

It can be.. Kinda depends on the age. For a 10yo yes but for a 17yo no.

What do bad boys look for in girls?

well i would say a good girl they want the opposite to them sex and every thing else

Is it bad to push yourself to like girls if you like boys more?

no because if you are a boy your pair has to be a girl. it is the way we are made and we weren't created to like boys if we are boys or like girls if we are girls.

How do you get a bad boy to like you?

be cute and flirty bad boys like that. they seem to be into cars like holden commodores, they always like a girl that knows cars. most bad boys smoke and drink, dont dress like some one your not like slutty or trampy cause then they tink your easy and they will want some thing off you, if you know what i mean. hang out with them more often become close friends with his best mates, tell one of his friends how you feel about him, and im sure they will tell him and that bad boy you like will totally have feelings for you. dont be afraid to tell him you like him but dont be in a rush, you need to make sure you think he likes you back if he keeps looking at you then you are in he totally digs you.. well hope you like this advise :)

How can you get a bad boys attention What do bad boys want in a girl and how can I get his attention and keep it He is a thug and all the girls like him how can I stand out and what does he like?

Him being a thug could mean one of two things.. 1. he could like the "hood rat" type a street girl "ghetto if you want to call them that.. or. 2. A pretty girl that knows nothing about the streets.. either way you can try the super flirty approche and flirt with him everytime you see him.. then theres the best friend way where you hang with him and his friends then let one of his friends know you like him.... his friend will surelly tell him and your in i hope this helps. thugs like street girls... they like smart prettty girls and so-so smart thug girls.

How do you impress a girl that like bad boys?

Confidence - "is key" Style - "nice clothes" Nonchalant Never needy laid back be a rebel go against the crowd have your own unique style good taste in music, food, hobbies etc. could do that or just have sex with them My opinion: Girls don't like the "bad" that's in bad boys (ie the "bad" things they do) it's just that bad boys tend to have more of the masculine characteristics that women find sexy - being the aggressor, being willing to protect, not letting a woman walk all over you or anyone else, being fearless - all of which are not "bad" qualities but are almost always found in a "bad boy". Learn to be a nice guy with those qualities and you'll get all the p*ssy. (trust me). .

What do you do if the boy you like is bad boy but you're a good girl?

I can tell you from experience that bad boys are better from a distance than close up. Yes, they can be fun but in the long run they are players and trouble. Keep your distance since you are a good girl and try to meet a nice boy. Things will turn out much better than with a bad boy. The only thing you will get from him is hurt and trouble.

If a girl had bad relationships with both a boy and a girl in the past how do you tell the girl you like her?

You could help assure her that this time will be different then in the past. As for asking her out, the best way is in person and to be direct. If you are nervous you can use a outgoing friend to help.

How do you make girls look like boys in terms of bad haircuts?

To make girls look like boys in terms of bad haircuts, cut theirhair short. Giving a girl a boy's haircut can dramatically changetheir look.

What do girls like a bad boy or a good boy?

Well, normally a good girl will fall for a bad boy, and a bad girl will fall for a good boy. It depends on what YOU are. If you are a bad boy, chances are you're gonna get a good girl. If you're a good boy, chances are you're gonna get a bad girl. Sometimes a good girl will get a good boy, sometimes a bad girl will get a bad boy. Mostly i think girls like bad boys though. My advice is to go for both. Not at the same time! Or you'll end up loosing both girls! Same thing with guys. (I'm a girl)

Is it possible for a bad boy to like a quiet shy girl?

YES most of the time bad boys are just bad to have a reputation..... but you shouldn't get involved trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Why do some girls like bad boys?

for me in TRINIDAD it is a ranking thing girls who like or to be with a bad boy is on a lot of foolishness in life. when the bad boy used them sexually and plenty of slap and abuse some may get out of it while some lost their life in such relationship. some even get unwanted children then after the bad boy don't want them any more then they will want to look for the good guy for comfort makes no sense ,k suragh

Is it bad for a boy to like JLS?

Any boy who likes JLS want to sleep with them all day long. In my opinion.

How do you make a good girl like a bad boy?

Answer Girls love the bad boys because of the confidence they seem to exhibit and the security they offer as a result. Girls subconsicously link the fact that the bad boy only cares about himself to some sort of strength and assurance of himself. Furthermore, bad boys will not typically give the kind of attention to a girl that a good guy will. Girls says they like the good guys too but after a while the good guy presents no challenge and potential for drama/mystery. The interest in the good guy only lasts so long. So the answer is, if you want a good girl to like a boy, then first and foremost ignore the girl but throw out the vibe that you MIGHT be interested. Then, once they are interested show just enough attention to let them know that the potential to ignore them still exists. Then once they like you just do things that show you are an unstable person so as to draw attention to yourself from others. Bottom line: If a girl can't seem to figure you out then they will remain interested. Another answer : This is THE MOST CLICHED STATEMENT I HAVE EVER READ. Girls LIKE nice guys, contrary to what our friend here has been saying. Yeah, ignore her, then throw out the vibe that you MIGHT be interested, that's so gonna appeal to a girl, because she just WANTS TO BE TORTURED by a guy who isn't brave enough to come up to her and tell her his feelings. PEOPLE, being bad or good doesn't matter and it never will unless you have a strong personality and believe in yourself a hell of a lot. PS. Take my advice. Ignore the top part.

How do you make a good christian girl like an atheist bad boy?

It depends very much on how strong she feels about being christian. If she's more like christian because she's always been she most likely doesn't mind if you're not. If she feels strong about it though, try to keep an open mind towards it. Let her tell you why she feels it's good and maybe consider accepting parts of the religion that you like. As for bad boy good girl... you'll have to talk to her. It's your personality and you shouldn't hide it from her. It might be good if you are aware that what you've done in your past wasn't right (depending on how "bad" you are) and tell her that, maybe even ask her for help to better yourself.

How do you know if a bad boy like you?

Does he... . stare at you with a romantic look on his face . talk to you a lot . talk to his friends about you . ask you out ALOT? . and many other ways to tell...

How do you make a bad boy like you?

To make a bad boy like you well you just be your self. When i was in 3rd grade i was a good friend with this kid and his cousin then he asked me out but i said NO even though i liked him i didn't see him in 4th grade and a surprise had happened he came back in 5th grade he asked me again and i said No i don't know what came over me but i kept saying after the last time he asked me out i said no but then i asked him he said no because i did b4.the next year we separated i went to Floyd light and he went to Ron Russell. i forgot all about him and I'm in 6th grade going to 7th . well in April i seen him at the Community Center it was the happiest day of my life then i seen him in May at a dance and we had a moment then i haven't seen him yet but I'm like dieing to see him.. well what I'm telling u is that a BAD BOY liked ME and i liked him and well just be yourself and just try to go by him a lot to make him notice u but then just be yourself..BTW I'm in love with a BAD BOY!! XD

Why do boys like to talk about girls they like in a bad way?

How is he talking to the girl? Is it he teasing the girl? Boys get a big ego when a girl notices them, especially the girl he likes, they don't do it to hurt you. It normally happens with young boys and girls I think, best advise would be to ignore him and show him, youre a strong minded individual and he might stop. Ignoring is always best. There isn't an exact answer to that question, I guess we don't know what goes through their minds, he might just want to talk bad about the girl just to seem "cool" and accepted in front of his peers, who knows?

Is it bad to tell a boy you like him?

No, but understand that there is a risk in doing it. He may not feel the same way and that can hurt when he doesn't respond like you want him to. If you haven't known him for very long take a little time to get to know him. When you are young it is easy for feelings to change from day to day and sometimes "holding back" can save feelings. You can always say something like "I think you are nice" or "let's be friends". These give you a little room in case it doesn't turn out like you want.

Is it bad to like boys and girls?

NO, IT MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT. It's completely normal in the cyberworld. Don't believe a word anyone says about being straight, because everyone on earth is bi, they're just too scared or conservative to try new things.

Why do girls go for the bad boys?

I'm an attractive kid in high school that has no problem talking to girls but when they find out I'm nice and actually care they put me in the friend zone. Why?

How so you get a boy to like you if he is a bad boy?

if the guy is a "bad boy" you have to find what he is attracted to in a female. to get him to like you - turn him on. find out ways to inspire and attract him. if he likes "bad girls" try acting a bit wild and bad

Do boys like bad girls?

It depends on who the guy is, and who you act as a "bad" girl. They tend to like bad girls for easy sex, but no one is going to get into a relationship of any substance with one-as that would not be very smart.

What makes boys bad to girls?

well, girls usually dont think the boy is evil bad, but good bad. Like the bad boy is the guy who gets kicked out of class, curses, drinks, parties, and isnt afraid to pounce at someone who might disagree with him. Thats basically it ! : P

Is it bad to like a girl If your a girl?

No that just means your bisexual and bisexual means that you like both sexes boys and girls and I'm bi so yea and I'm happy for with what I am and how I am

Is it a bad thing for a boy to want to be a girl and like girl clothes summer dressesbikinipantiesflipflops?

No this is not something you can rule over. Some like so called cross dressing and others start the transformation to be the other gender completely one day. This can also be a phase you grow out of. Some boys are just more feminine. Just wait and see how you feel. Enjoy being a girl if that is what you want. i really do enjoy it im 17 and i dont think ill ever change from it i personally love it(:

How do i get a bad boy to like me forever?

if u like him ask him out go on give it i try I'm just like u and i did the same thing and he said yes cuz he likes me to maybe u bad boy likes u also

What do bad boys do with girls?

Bad boys do soo many things to girls. They either abuse them. Treat them good(but playing with their heads), use them monetarily or physically, and tell thme things they want to hear...

How to know if bad boy likes you?

if he's a bad boy then he's gonna treat u specially more than other he's always gonna be putting u on the top

Is it bad for a boy to have girl hair?

no its not bad for a boy to have girl hair it just means that they like long hair or they just like to be in gangs or something like that but i hoped this answered your question!

What do girls like in a guy Bad boy Good guy What do they like in a guy?

Every woman if different, therefore not any one woman likes aparticular kind of guy. Some women like bad guys and some women donot.

Why do girls like bad boys-?

It's simple girls want to be thrilled, all girls want is a guy with CONFIDENCE! And the only guys that appear to have confidence are the bad Boys, the douche bags. I am a 16 year old girl and one of the most annoying things a guy could do is nothing. Just stare at me for months without making a move! Go to YouTube and look up why girls don't like you by Jonah green he is AMAZING and he completely understands girls. Honestly I think he understands girls more then I do haha hope this helped:)

Why girls most of the times like bad boys?

Okay, this question is just ridiculous. Girls... Well most girls are not attracted to "bad boys". They just like their personality and the way they risk themselves for immature and stupid things. They might also like the way the person dresses, but please. This is just stupid.

Is it true girls like bad boys or do they prefer the nice guys with a good personalty?

This depends on the exact girl or woman involved. It is true that biologically speaking, women are wired a bit to look for a protector. Even successful women would rather have men who can take care of them. That seems to be how nature intended things, since when women are in places where the men truly are barbarians, they need a strong man who is on their side and able to defend them and their children from the other men. Such evolutionary holdovers still exist. Now, in terms of teen girls who like "bad boys," it might be due to immaturity on their part. Teenage years is the time for rebellion and establishing a sense of self that does not depend on one's parents. So seeing a boy who is free-spirited and who doesn't care about traditions and social limits is quite a draw. Then there are the "nice guys." This is not a single group of guys. Some are not really nice guys, but are simply repressing a lot and might really be worse than a "bad boy" type inside. They might even be unpredictable to live with. Other "nice guys" may really be spineless and cowards. Then there are the "nice guys" who are feminine or effeminate. Girls may be afraid that they might either come out as gay or transition gender. In a transgender forum, one woman announced that she'd rather have a drunk who beat her than a crossdressing husband. That's probably because being a victim to domestic violence tends to garner public sympathy, while having a gender non-conforming spouse often invokes feelings of shame. Then consider social dynamics. Boys and girls often grow up segregated to some degree, at least mentally or in terms of preferred peer group. Then when puberty hits, it is a matter of looking for the opposite of that. So why look for someone who is almost like you in terms of nature? Where's the attraction or chemistry in that? So such a person can only be a best friend and no more. There is a dating dilemma here if a "bad boy," and a "nice guy" are the only two options. The "bad boy" type might seem hotter, but he is more likely to be abusive. If you are attracted to someone who disrespects others, then what will keep them from being disrespectful to you? Then, on the other hand, the nice guy might not hit you, but he might not defend you either. So to conclude, it is an individual preference, though it does seem there is some bias towards "bad boy" types.

Why girls like bad boys over good boys Girls reject gud lucking good boysbt accept bad boyswhy?

The reason why some girls like bad boys over good boys is becauseof their appeal. Sometimes girls also reject good looking guys andaccept bad boys because it can be an ego trip. If a girl manages tocatch the attention of a bad boy, it makes her feel good.

Can boys be like girls but not girls?

Yes, some boys can appear effeminate, likewise some girls can betomboyish. This is all normal and natural. It is now accepted that some people are actually born with thewrong body for the gender they have mentally and later in life theymay have to have help to correct this. It must be very hard growingup if you feel like this.