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Do goldfish explode when fed to much?

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I don't quite know about exploding as in KABOOM and then little fishy pieces all over your tank but if you feed them too much they are dumb enough to try and eat it all and die.
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How much is a goldfish?

Well depending on where you live the cheapest I can think of is 4 dollars to 20 dollars but if your paying for a goldfish that's twenty dollars get out of that pet store Answ

How can you fed goldfish if im going on holiday for two days?

For longer vacations, you can use automatic fish feeders. If its just two days, you can buy a block of feed and drop it into the tank. Fish can feed on it for a few days to a

Your ryunkin goldfish looks like its going to explode what should you do?

  That is what Ryunkin Goldfish look like. If however, the fishes scales are sticking out like a file or rasp, the fish is suffering from a fatal disease called Dropsy. Th

How can you tell if you have fed your goldfish too much?

The water will get cloudy is probably the biggest way to tell. Also if there is food floating around at the top then you are defiantly feeding them too much. They only should

How do you fed goldfish leetuce?

You don't feed goldfish lettuce. Goldfish are not vegetarian or herbivores they are omnivores. They should be fed a proper diet of commercially available Goldfish food supplem

How will a goldfish explode?

A goldfish may not physically explode if over-fed, or if too much air becomes trapped in their swim bladder as they are more likely to die from constipation or impaction befor

Can your goldfish explode from beeping?

Yes, it can. Once in awhile you have to check if your goldfish is making beeping sounds, if so you have to soak it in lemon juice to stop the beeping noise,or else the fish wi