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Where do hedgehogs live?

In the wild, hedgehogs can be found in Africa , Europe, Aisa, and New Zealand - however, they had to be introduced to New Zealand and were not native there. As pets, hedgehogs can be found all over the world.

Do hedgehogs live in dens?

The hedgehogs live in a burrow or den. They mostly live aloneunless the female hedgehog is still nursing babies.

Do hedgehogs live in Indiana?

You can own hedgehogs in Indiana, and many people do them in thisstate. However, hedgehogs are not native to Indiana.

Do hedgehogs live in the rainforest?

Yes, there are some species of the hedgehogs that are adapted tolive in the rainforest. The hedgehogs that live in the rainforestincludes the insects, snails, snakes, mushrooms and thewatermelons. yes

What ecosystem do hedgehogs live in?

The hedgehog lives in open forests, in hedges, and near settlementsand in public parks, in Asia and Europe. Also, there is an AfricanPygmy Hedgehog that can be found on the savannas and semi-aridareas of the northern half of Africa.

How long do hedgehogs live?

Wild European hedgehogs and other species typically live 2 to 3 years. Domesticated hedgehogs typically live 3-6 years, but can live up to 10. Animals that live that long a few and far between.

How long do pet hedgehogs live?

Usually from 4-7 years, although they can live up to 10. This can vary widely, depending on how well the hedgehog was bredand taken care of. 4 years is a short lifespan expected for ananimal that has been poorly bred and cared for; the latter is forhealthy hogs that are well taken care of.

What biomes do hedgehogs live in?

The hedgehog is typically found in temperate fields. The biomesthey live in are the forest, scrub forest, and the savanna orgrassland.

What does a hedgehog live in?

In the wild, they can live under hedges, fallen logs and even cardboard boxes. They will also create nests using branches, leaves and grasses.

Who does Sonic the Hedgehog live with?

well he really doesn't live with anyone in specific because of all the different events. in Sonic X he lived with Chris Thorndyke (Tails, Amy,and Cream) and in almost every other events except for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, in which he really doesn't live anywhere but seems to be traveling wi (MORE)

Do hedgehogs live Pennsylvania?

Hedgehogs are not a part of the natural wildlife anywhere in Pennsylvania. With the exception of a zoo or similar business, they are also basically illegal to keep as pets, as well. It's not to say there aren't ANY hedgehogs in Pennsylvania. It's just that what is there is very limited.

Where do hedgehog in nz live?

Hedgehogs are widespread in New Zealand and you can find them both on the South and the North Island. Their distirbution is of course limited by habitat and food availability. Me myself I found hedgehogs in Macreas Flat, Dunedin, Christchurch, Palmerston North, Auckland. A lot of studies on hedgehog (MORE)

What type of cages do hedgehogs live in?

Just about any cage is fine for a hedgehog. However, a hedgehog should NEVER be housed in a cage that has multiple levels that are not blocked off (made to were they cannot fall from the top level to the bottom, as it could easily break their legs!), one without a solid bottom (so that they do not (MORE)

Does Sonic the Hedgehog live on Earth?

Yes he does. The Earth that he lives on is a fantasy and cartoony version of our Earth. His world doesn't have to have the same geographical elements to be Earth.

Do hedgehogs live in Minnesota?

They do in domestic situations, but not in the wild. Hedgehogs usually need a high temperature to live in and the weather in Minnesota would be deadly. Their are breeders though that have domesticated hedgehogs in Minnesota.

What climate do European hedgehogs live in?

European hedgehogs adapt to their climate with hibernation . Because they hibernate, they are able to live through cold seasons when they can't get food. When the outside temperature goes below 59 degrees Fahrenheit, they go into hibernation. They sleep from October to April. Their body tempe (MORE)

Do hedgehogs live in Maryland?

Hedgehogs are not native to the United States and cannot be found in the wild. However, there are probably a number of them kept as pets.

Why don't hedgehogs live long?

Pet hedgehogs acutally typically live longer than other small - animal pets. When properly cared for, they can live as long as 6+ years! Improper nutrition and care, a long with poor breeding are the top causes for short lifespans.

Where to buy live hedgehogs?

This depends where you live, and your budget. If you live near a breeder, great! You won't have to pay for shipping. If not, there might be pet stores that have them. I know Animal Houses usually do. But I really wouldn't recommend pet shops 'cause sometimes they might not take care of the critters (MORE)

Why are hedgehogs suited for the place it lives?

There are 17 species of hedgehog in five genera, found through parts of Europe,Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. There are no hedgehogs native to Australia, and no living species native to North America; those in New Zealand are introduced. Hedgehogs have changed little over the last 15 million years. (MORE)

Where do Atelerix hedgehogs live?

"Atelerix" covers 4 different species of hedgehogs - . Four-toed Hedgehog, Atelerix albiventris . North African Hedgehog, Atelerix algirus . Southern African Hedgehog, Atelerix frontalis . Somalid Hedgehog, Atelerix sclateri These are known as "The African Hedgehogs" and are all found in (MORE)