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What legal rights to Home Owners Associations have?

The rights, obligations, rules and regulations are set forth in the documents that create each individual homeowners' association. Therefore, you need to review the document t (MORE)

Can a homeowners association deny you the right to vote?

Read your governing documents, which include your CC&Rs, theBy-Laws, any amendments and resolutions passed by the board. Your right to vote may be conditioned upon your behav (MORE)

Can a homeowner sue home owners insurance for an injury?

If you have a Broad Coverage Homeowners insurance Policy, You willlikely see that you have limited medical coverage for minorinjuries in the home. Why Not just file a claim on (MORE)

Rights of home owners against an association?

Owners may differ in opinions with the board that leads the association. Or, you may have a rogue board that conducts business in ways that are not defined by your governing d (MORE)

Renters rights with home owner associations?

When you rent a unit/ home/ apartment that is owned by a member of a condominium, co-op or home owners association, you are subject to the rules and regulations set out in the (MORE)

What percent of owners need to vote yes for a new homeowner association?

Your question sounds like there is a new set of governing documents, and a percentage of the owners involved in the association must vote to alter the governing documents. (MORE)

Does a Home Owners Association have the legal right to stop a homeowner from combining two lots into one lot when the only written restriction is that they are not allowed to divide a lot?

Read your governing documents to find the answer, and if there isno answer there, you can consult with a common interestcommunity-savvy attorney to answer your question. Often (MORE)