Do humans have instincts or is everything a result of our environment?

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According to what scientists currently say, humans have no instincts.

For example, baby sea turtles know to move toward the water from the shore where their eggs have been laid by nature. This is an INSTINCT. Humans, however, have no such natural behavior. All supposed instincts which some people may tell you, are not actually instincts, but simply learned responses to stimulus.
Correct, most of those are reflexes; which are not the same as instincts.

Humans DO NOT have instinct! We have response and learned response. Instinct does not exist in our DNA. As for babies squeezing a finger that is a response to something being in their hand. An instinct to squeeze a finger would mean that babies would run around and find a finger to squeeze and would not ever let go, unless forced. In which case they would then move on to another finger. As for "sucking" it is a response from their stomach being empty and telling the brain it is hungry. Read a book!

The following comment supporting the idea that humans have instinct is wrong.

[Sex is not a learned response. How did the first humans mate without the general knowledge of others? Because it's an instinct.]

Hominids (the first humans), did have instincts, because their ancestors (primates) from which they evolved and were still closely linked DO have instincts. Hominids retained some of the instincts from their primate ancestors. However, MODERN DAY HUMANS DO NOT HAVE INSTINCTS. This is a scientifically proven fact that is irrefutable. Any other comments that humans do have instincts are simply misinformed opinion.

 Humans have lost instincts. Early hominids may have had instincts, for they were still somewhat closely related to primates, which do have instincts. However, modern day humans DO NOT have instincts.
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Do humans have instincts?

According to what scientists currently say, humans have no instincts. . For example, baby sea turtles know to move toward the water from the shore where their eggs have been laid by nature. This is an INSTINCT. Humans, however, have no such natural behavior. All supposed instincts which some people (MORE)

Are humans born with instincts?

Answer Yes humans are born with instincts, that is why they grab the hand of the doctor when they are are first born, and if you put a newborn in a swimming pool he/she will swim automatically. Answer Another instinct is suckling, as in breastfeeding. I agree. When you think instinct think emot (MORE)

Why is everything in humans so complicated?

Find several organisms that you consider to be not complicated. Think about what they have in common with each other. Think about what they do not have in common with you and other humans. That should take care of your question.

What is human environment?

Human beings interact with the environment and modify it accordingto their need. the environment containing faetures of humans

How would humanity benefit from a theory of everything?

In various ways.... If this theory was protacol then its an un-varied view of the world for everyone to follow which is useful. It is also an answer to the phillisophical question: where do we stop? In which people have an endless amount of questions. A theory on everything would differ that immen (MORE)

What is a human environment?

A human environment is a man made environment like a city. Pretty much anywhere. Humans have the luxurious ability to adapt, thrive, and live anywhere!

What are some human instincts?

Well some human instincts are to run, for example you are told not to run from a bear but when confronted by a bear you feel as if you must. Anther example is we're always competing, even when we least expect it. The will to win is an instinct that's kept our species alive. our instincts are honed t (MORE)

How does the environment affect humans and how do humans affect the environment?

The environment affects people quite a lot! - our calendar is built around the seasons in the environment - if the weather is bad one year, it could ruin a farmer's work, or mess up the production line. - People are constantly being affected by tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes, floods and fires, and (MORE)

What are instincts?

a behavior that is passed from parents to offspringInstinct is the intuitive way of acting or thinking of a person oran animal. It is also defined as a typical fixed pattern ofbehavior of a person or an animal in response to stimuli.

What percentage of instinct do humans still use?

Opinion: I think not less than 42,Insinct of discovering and investigation is one of the most powerful instinct. Addendum: This is sort of like asking, "how much of your brain do you use?" The obvious answer to both is 100%. Instinct is defined as " the faculty of acting in such a way as (MORE)

What is human instinct?

natural instinct, how we would behave if we didnt have morals or rules of behaviour to steer us.

Are instincts preprogrammed in the human brain from conception?

Yes, instinctual behavior is preprogrammed in all living things genetically. The instinctive reaction is faster than any voluntary control you might try to exercise. Perceiving a stimulus which matches the trigger for an instinctual reaction will cause you to react in a predetermined way.

Do humans lack instincts?

Like all animals, humans also exhibit instincts . For example, humans automatically get excited when they encounter another human of the opposite sex. This is instinctive.

How do you write a human instincts thesis?

Human instincts are very keen. Women used to be the gatherers whilemen used to be the hunters. Therefore, women--forexample--naturally have better color vision than men because theyhad to be able to see the bright colors of berries in the woodswhile gathering food and so forth. Human instincts also (MORE)

Humans instinct avoiding danger?

Yes, avoiding danger is an innate human instinct. All living things have three innate instincts; to survive (we eat, drink, and protect ourselves from the elements), to defend (we blink, duck, and avoid apparent dangers), and to reproduce (do I need to describe this one?).

How does human economy affect the environment?

The human economy affects the environment because we are getting more people we are needing more space and going to cut down more trees so we will destroy the planet by cutting down trees. So that means if we keep this up them there will be no such thing as animals or even our food anymore.

What are instinct that humans have?

Killer instinct. It takes over when your in pain, predicting to be in pain or suffering. It also takes over when you have to defend yourself. It was most active when our ancesors were hungry and went out hunting. Nowadays,its not as common but surely is present. When a bulgar breaks into your house (MORE)

True of False As a result of hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection modern humans are now perfectly adapted to their environment?

False. Organisms are never ' perfectly adapted to the environment, as evolution is blind and can not predict the future, or create anew. All is ' tinkered ' together in the organism on top of adaptions that were from past environments. Natural selection adapts as best it can to the immediate environ (MORE)

Is it true human behavior is never instinctive?

depends on what you define as human behavior and instinctive. some would say its instinctive to say...protect your children. This can be seen as true as its not unheard of for parents to purposely place their own lives in jeopardy to try and save the life of their children in a split second Ex. a c (MORE)

How human is affecting human environment?

humans are affecting the planet by dumping rubbish on the ground. when it rains all the rubbish goes into the drains and out to sea witch all the fish think is food and eat it

Do humans have instincts that guide their lives?

Yes, humans do have instincts that guide their lives. Some of these instincts are developed in us through the conditions of our childhood and are reinforced through similar circumstances as we mature. Others are developed in us by the cultural norms in which we live. Lastly there are instincts that (MORE)

Why do humans have the natural instinct to think about the meaning of life?

"I think, therefore I am." Humans are self-aware we have hindsight, foresight and recognize our present state. The question evolved over time and become more complex as we find out more about the human past, both factual and mythical. --- For some people, it is a matter of faith. The greater questio (MORE)

What is human instinctive behavior with babies?

Because we are animals, and still have the primal instincts of eat, drink, reproduce, survive, repeat. We are naturally protective of our offspring because unlike most animals we usually only have one at a time, not a litter of practice babies. We wan't to protect our chance at surviving as a specie (MORE)

Is the Olympics a peaceful solution to the human instinct for war?

The Olympics are an excellent tool for peaceful international relations, but a century of the modern Olympics games has not had made a noticeable difference in the wars that have been waged. Wars are not a human instinct, they are the result of human weaknesses of individuals, such as greed, lust fo (MORE)

What is an instinctive behavior in humans?

instincts are non-learned behaviors that we are born with and that are coded into our genes. behaviors like smiling, crying, and screaming are instinctive behaviors. Behaviors like Fight or Flight are controlled by hormones. Try looking up Nature VS. Nurture for some more information. hope that (MORE)

Do humans hear everything animals hear?

No. It is scientifically proved that certain animals hear more than humans. Many animals have a higher range of sounds they can hear but humans cannot. Dogs for example, can hear sounds as high as 60,000 Hz while the human range is within 20,000Hz. Lower base ranges 20 to 80 Hz are felt more than he (MORE)

Does instinct determine many human behaviors?

The answer to this question rests solely on one's definition of "human". Meaning that if I define a human as being me and only me, and I have no perception of any instinct within myself, then the answer will be no. However when we expand the boundary to include all humans, the numbers change; but (MORE)

Is everything in the environment is changing?

no, the government is slowly being changed by the green party who are telling us that the earth is going through global warming, just like they tried to make us believe that there is a hole in the ozone layer. The environment isn't changing as far as the earth. People are advancing in technology, bu (MORE)

What is the result of an imbalance of the environment?

The population of trees are decreasing and if animals would not gettheir food they will die and not because of the food also becauseof the sufficient oxygen that the will not get same thing with thehuman being. People are using the cars and the smoke of that carswill pollutes the air and the fresh a (MORE)

How does instincts help humans survive?

Natural instincts are what help all animals to survive. Withoutthem, we wouldn't know or feel the need to eat, reproduce, learn,evolve and improve our species.