Do hyenas live in the Sahara Desert?

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Brown hyenas live in the desert
It's very rare you'd see a hyena in the desert though.
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Where do people live in the Sahara Desert?

Most of those who live in countries covered by the Sahara Desertlive in North Africa along or near the Mediterranean coastline Most people in the Sahara desert live near the N

Do rhinos live in the Sahara desert?

No, Rhinos need savanna grass to eat and the Sahara desert does not have enough for them. However before the Sahara region became a desert (10's of thousands of years ago), th

Do desert tortoises live in the Sahara?

Gopherus agassizii, the desert tortoise,does not live in the Sahara. It is a native primarily of theSonoran and Mojave Deserts of North America. The African spurred tortoise
In Sahara Desert

Is there people living in the Sahara desert?

Yes, there are people living in the Sahara desert. In fact, since the Sahara almost completely covers several countries, there are several million people living in the Sahara.