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Do iPhone 5s iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 fit into the same case?

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No, the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 do not fit into the same cases.
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Can an iPhone 4 case fit the iPhone 4S?

Yes, generally speaking a case designed for the Apple iPhone 4 will fit the iPhone 4S as well. However, this is not always the case, due to a revision of the placement of the

Which is better the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s?

The iPhone 5c is essentially an iPhone 5, but with a plastic casing. The iPhone 5s looks very similar to the iPhone 5, but has a 64-bit processor, Touch ID, better camera, and

Is the iPhone 5 the same thing as the iPhone 4S?

No, they are two different iPhones. THe 4S is the slightly older,  thicker, shorter, 2011 edition of the iPhone which you can still  buy at Apple for $99 while the iPhone 5

Is iPhone 5s better than iPhone 5?

(Pretend this is September 2013, and the iPhone 5s was just  released. Then it'll make sense.) Let's start off with the basics.  You're obviously now able to use your finger