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First off, you need to find a wax stripping product, one that is designed for terrazo floors. You can use that to clean the floor. Removing the wax isn't a big deal when you carefully follow the instructions. After that, use water to wash off the traces and residues of the wax-stripping product. You can dry the floor after that. Next, you can apply the terrazo floor sealer. This is a helpful step as doing that can help in protecting the unsightly stains. Once the sealer is applied you can let it to dry completely. Do not apply too much as one thin coat is enough to get the job done. It is important to keep the dust away from the flooring because the quality of dust can result in scratches. So you need to sweep the floor regularly using a dust map or a broom. Also, get a dust cleaner that has neutral pH. Along with a cleaner, combine 3 gallons of water. Apply the mixture on the floor and let it be there for a few minutes. Rinse the mixture and rinse the floor until there are no map lines seen. Once the floor is mopped entirely, prepare the buffing machine and then use it on the floor.
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I used to put a layer of paper towels down on the stain, then drip bleach straight from the bottle on the towels until the towels were soaked all the way through. Let them sit