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  1. no, they do not have electricity instead they sting and your reaction would be like you have just been electricuted. But most of the jellyfishes are harmful.
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How do you perform a jelly fish float in swimming?

The jellyfish float is also known as the survival float. The survival float is used to conserve energy when you are in trouble in the water, or waiting to be rescued.   1.

Will petroleum jelly conduct electricity?

No, it is a petroleum/wax/oil based compound. Electrons do not freely travel between molecules, in that, it's a dielectric. Similarly to the dielectric fluid in a transformer

How can jelly fish produce electricity?

Jellyfish do not generate electricity. I thought jellyfish did generate elctricity when i was small because that is how cartoons depicted it. Instead, they sting and youre rea

Can a jelly fish fart?

Yes, in fact there is at least one species that takes in water, filters food, and ejects it as a sort of jet propulsion.

How does a jelly fish have babies?

  Individual Jellyfish are either male or female. The eggs and sperm develop in special areas called Gonads inside the body wall. The gonads are frequently very colorful a

Why do jelly fish glow?

Jellyfish can bioluminesce when they are stimulated. The luminescent light produced is bluish in color, attributable to a molecule known as aequorin, but in a living jellyfi

What fish eat jelly fish?

many jellyfish, including the box jellyfish, are eaten by sea turtles. (some jellyfish eat one another). sea turtles are usually unaffected by even a sting as deadly as one fr

What eats an jelly fish?

some things that eat jelly fish are sea turtles, other jellyfish and some people:)

How long are jelly fish?

Jellyfish can vary greatly in size and length. Some jellyfish are hardly millimetres across, but the longest one, the Arctic lion's mane jellyfish, has tentacles that can grow

How old can a jelly fish live up to be?

    Jellyfish lifespans typically range from a few hours (in the case of some very small hydromedusae) to several months. The life span and maximum size of each specie

What does the tentacles in a jelly fish do?

Jellyfish tentacles have a variety of jobs. Their main purpose is  to capture food. Usually they trail behind the jelly to fish for  prey. Once contacted, tentacles have spe