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Lawyers are not required to be mathematicians, but they do have cases that require pretty basic mathematics. Cases involving taxes, contracts, antitrust, calculation of fees and damages, present value calculations for structured settlements all involve math, but big firms generally use experts for any complicated calculations.

One is not tested on mathematics in law school and I know that there was no math on the New York State bar exam when I took it. However,there may be some math on the LSAT. I don't know whether there is anymore.
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How is math used in being a lawyer?

You must be able to problem solve. Also you need to calculate percentages, deal with intrest rates, and proportions. Follow me on instagram! danielle_2112

How lawyers use math?

Lawyers use math in a great number of ways. They use math tocalculate their fees as well as law suit fees.

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lawyers use math like percentages, geometric proofs, and mathematical formulas but what other things do they use that's what I'm trying to figure out.....do they use any other

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Lawyers are not required to be mathematicians, but they do have cases that require pretty basic mathematics. Cases involving http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Do_lawyers_use_math_in_

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