Do monkeys eat boogers?

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YES it is part of their daily diet, however only fat monkeys eat boogers. Skinny ones stick to bananas. If a monkey finds a booger on the ground they will intentionally pick it up and eat it whoevers booger it is.
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How do you eat boogers?

The proper way to eat boogers is to find a ripe, plump one from the upper nostril then place in your mouth. After being inserted into your "Pie Hole" you should maneuver the o (MORE)
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Can you get sick from eating your boogers?

No, eating your booger actually help your body from getting sick. Eating your booger can help you buy introducing new bacterias to your body in small amounts. By eating these (MORE)
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How do you eat booger?

first you pick it then see if it is big enough to eat if it is stick your booger in your mouth for a minute or two to get the taste good then finally swallow it.