Do montserrat have a volcano?

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Yes it has two volacnoes. Standing lower then 3,000 feet but around that, i think they are now 3,000 feet because of all the eruptions... :D
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Where is the Volcano Montserrat?

Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean. The island has a volcanicarea called Chances Peak found in the south of Soufriere Hillsisland.

How many volcanoes does Montserrat have?

Montserrat has 3 volcanoes: Silver Hills Centre Hills Soufriere Hills two (Silver Hills and Centre Hills) are not active but Soufriere Hills has been recently active.

Why did the Montserrat volcano erupted?

The volcano montserrat erupted because of various reasons. Humans did not contribute towards the eruption of the volcano, however they were effected by the eruption greatly. T

How did the volcano on Montserrat form?

Well its on a collision plate. Subduction occured and well: Montserrat was formed when subduction occurred underneath the sea and magma was pushed to the surface. The lava c
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Who did the montserrat volcano eruption affect?

Pretty much everyone living in the south side of Montserrat was affected by the eruption, and a couple years later so was the North. A lot of the South sides previous populati
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Was the eruption of montserrat a composite volcano?

No. The term compostie volcano describes a kind of volcano, not akind of volcanic eruption. The Soufrière Hills on Montserrat isindeed a composite volcano, however, whether
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Why does montserrat have volcanoes?

A very long time ago, An undersea volcano erupted from the ocean's floor. Spewing its lava (molten rock), the volcano built an undersea mountain that grew higher and higher, e