Do most people ride in back seat with no seat belt?

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yes theiris no reason to wear a seat belt if your i n the back
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Are people less likely to be in an accident if they are wearing a seat belt?

Answer Not less likely to be in an accident unless they are prone to moving about the vehicle while they're driving.For instance trying to maintain control of the vehicle and get in the back seat at the same time. Seat belts won't prevent stupidity from happening only protect the possible stupid pe (MORE)

What is the main reason people don't wear seat belts?

Because they don't care. If they wont take two seconds to protecttheir life, their probably isn't much to live for. There is no main reason but there are many excuses. It is annoying,uncomfortable, a very short trip. takes too long to put on or takeoff, etc

How many people wear a seat belt?

Good question!\n. \nA lot more that are alive today than those than didn't\nBuckle up.\n. \n. \nFew realize - that the Seat belt will allow you to remain in the drivers seat, possibly long enough to recover control of your vehicle. You can't help much if thrown or bounced into the headliner or pa (MORE)

What stadium in the US seats the most people?

The Louisiana Superdome... The new indoor stadium in Arlington, Texas will "hold" more fans because fans are allowed to stand in a certain portion of the stadium. The La. Superdome actually has more seats then the new Arlington stadium

How do you get a Seat belt on a 93 Saturn sl seat belt will not go back?

Saturn used to sell a substitute hook for the automated seatbelts. The car came with one too. It's small metal & you put it into the spot where the seatbelt used stop in. then you can hook the cloth belt into & drive the car. I'd also pull the fuse on the automated belts so that doesn't drain the ba (MORE)

Do back seat passengers need to wear a seat belt?

People need to wear seat belts in the back because they could be thrown out the window if in a car accident Added: In most US states there is no statutory requirement that adult back seat passengers be belted. To be certain of the law in your state contact your local law enforcement agency or off (MORE)

Why do people don't want to wear a seat-belt?

(from personal experience and people I've quizzed) Younger drivers think it isn't good for their reputation -honestly- Alot of people feel hemmed in and uncomfortable with seat-belts on. And the majority simply forget! Seat belts have saved my life on 6 occasions, my friends who weren't (MORE)

How many people died in 2008 from wearing their seat belts?

i belive that the figure was around 20 million in erourp, and around 50 million in the usa ****** Umm according to that figure approx 16% of the population of the US died in a motor vehicle accident in 2008. I think you should maybe rethink that.

Why do some people not wear seat belts?

There are a number of reasons why a person may not wear a seatbelt in a car or other vehicle. These include: . The person is permitted to travel in that vehicle without wearing a seatbelt, possibly for a specific job or task. . A person cannot wear a seatbelt due to a medical condition. Some (MORE)

Why is important people use the seat belt?

If you do not wear a seatbelt in the rear of the vehicle and you are involved in a collision, you not only greatly increase your chance of getting injured but you also carry the risk of injuring or killing the person sitting in front of you. An unrestrained child sitting in the rear of the vehicle, (MORE)

Do you have to wear your seat belt in the back seat?

It is a legal requirement in most (if not all) countries that a person seated in the back-seat of a car or other vehicle wears a seatbelt at all times. This is to insure maximum safety for the occupants of the vehicle.

Why do people wear seat belts?

Because in the event of a accident, and at high enough speeds, you can be thrown from your seat and out the vehicles windshield, but a seatbelt will restrain you and keep you in your seat so that you are not thrown from the car.

Why do some people choose not to wear a seat belt?

There are a number of reasons that people choose not to wear a seat belt when traveling in a car or other vehicle. Generally, it is because they cannot be bothered putting the seat belt on, or find it uncomfortable/annoying, and therefore ignore the threat to their safety. Others may forget to put t (MORE)

Do seat belts ride down the effects of a crash?

Seat belts aid in the prevention of passenger ejection during collisions. They also restrain passengers into safer sections of the automobile in the event of a crash, as sections of the vehicle are designed to crumple to dissapate energy and the limbs of an unrestrained individual could inadvertantl (MORE)

Is it legal to add a seat belt in back of SUV?

That probably depends a bit on what country you are in, and what state or province, but in general, yes it is legal to add a seat belt in back of an SUV, as long as the process of doing so does not impair vehicle safety or controllability.

Can a child ride in the back seat with airbags in a car?

The child, if she/he is under twelve years old (age may vary by state/region) and generally 4'9" in height (about 148 cm) then they should be in the back seat, regardless of airbags or not. The back seat is the safest place for a child since they are the most protected there.

Why should people not wear seat belts while riding a car?

Because there are too many people in the world, and killing off those too dumb to wear a seat belt would help with that problem and raise average human intelligence a tiny fraction of a percent at the same time. There really is no good reason to not wear a seat belt, unless you're too young/s (MORE)

How many people die without seat belts on?

probably about the same amount as those wearing one. sometimes a seat belt can kill you by taking off your head or crushing your chest into your heart Save or lungs. that's why i believe it should not be a law just because some law authority thinks it should be because of his or her opinion.

Should you wear a seat belt if your in back?

Yes you should. A car impact can affect even those who are in the back seat in the car. Your head can fling into the seat in front of you and the impact can cause whip lash or other serious damages to your neck. This is the same safety hazard as it would be if you were sitting in the front of the ca (MORE)