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Hate is too strong a word as women go with Narcissists. They resent them as most are heterosexual and thus need them to an extent. They are indifferent and disinterested in women as individuals becoming readily bored by any partner and need to control them as well as enjoy abusing them. Think of the term misogynist and then you're on track.
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Do narcissist want you to hate them after they discard you?

A narcissist will always try to exit leaving you feel as if you are the one to blame for the failed relationship. This is just in case they decide later down the road when the

If narcissists can't love can they hate?

My ex husband said he did not love me ever but he hated me. New Answer-They cannot hate either....the only feelings they have ia anger,fear ....

What type of women do narcissist marry?

Answer 1. Someone who is gullible, suffers from guilt or is emotionally reactive so that the narcissist can 'play them' and make them look to blame for their own inadequaci

What are the traits of narcissistic women?

These women are bullies, extremely jealous, which they project onto their victims. They get their kicks from punishing and abusing their victims.Usually a weak person. They ha

Do narcissists prey on unhappily married women?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nNarcissistic people can prey on submissive women or shy women. I call these "lazy Narcissists." It's a form of abuse. It's easier to manipulate a

Do narcissistic men love smart women?

  They are unable to love. However, smart & strong women attract them because bringing them down is a big rush to them.

Do narcissists go for unattractive women?

I think they usually do. I was with an N for a year and a half. Everybody tells me I am so beautiful and attractive and asked me what the hell I saw in him. They would jokingl

Why does everyone seem to hate narcissists?

I suspect my son may be narcissistic so I have been doing quite a bit a research about the subject, and I have learned several things: First, save rapists and convicted murde

How do you divorce a women with Narcissistic personality disorder?

  This is an uphill battle as everything is viewed as a personal injustice. Attempts to justify their own behaviour will be by creating a reality in which they have done n

Why do women hate other women?

For the same reasons men hate women and other men.   We don't kill as many of the people we hate as men do, though.

Why do narcissists hate authority?

  Answer   Well, narcissists love themselves, so it is hard to recognize anyone else's authority over them. They might have a problem (as most people do, actually) w

How does the narcissist treat those they hate?

I can answer this question with absolution because I am currently living it.!! My now ex friend of 3 years has all the traits of an N. She and I, about 6 months ago came to bl

Are narcissistic women often loners and if so why?

Narcissists think they are always right, who wants to be around people like that? Because they are usually on the prowl. I heard one woman who was narcassistic say that being

Men who hate their mothers hate women?

they probably will not make a good spouse To a degree, but in my experience all boys from the cradle up need and deserve a loving female role model, but unfortunately society