Do people in Italy speak latin?

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No, they speak Italian which is a derivative of Latin.
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How many people speak German in Italy?

German is one of the Official language in the Province of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy. Which has a population of 487,673 people. About 287,500 Germans live in Italy, then there a

If people don't speak Latin why do people learn Latin?

Latin is the basis of all the Romance languages: Italian, Spanish,French, Portuguese, etc. and so on. The legal profession uses manyLatin phrases and of course so do Doctors.

When did Italy start speaking Italian and not Latin?

Italian is rooted in latin, so it probably was a transition that was undefined. in other words they didn't change at a recognizable time. I was in Italy for the first time on

Why dont people speak Latin?

Because several modern languages have evolved from Latin over the centuries and they are the languages spoken in Europe today. But Latin is still in use in the Vatican, and is

How many people speak Latin?

Latin has ZERO native speakers and it is estimated that there are less than 10,000 people in the world that can speak it fluently as a second language. Answer: The only

Do British people speak Latin?

England people don't speak in latin. In old days other contries use to but now none of people speak in Latin. England people only speak in English or American or more but most
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Why do Italy people speak Italian?

because it is ther language they speak like u 4 example u speak English its what u speak and french, Japanese, Scandinavian its ther languages!
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Why did Romanian people speak Latin?

Romanians don't speak the Latin language but the Romanian. The Romanian language is a language of Latin (Romanic) origin; themost part of the vocabulary is of Latin origin.