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Do phlebotomist work in funeral homes?

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No because the "patients" you will find at a funeral home no longer have a working blood flow. A coroner will handle all tests needed to be preformed.
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What is it like to work in a funeral home?

    what it's like...       Personally from experience...it's REALLY scary. I HATE it. If I got paid a million dollors to do it again...I wouldn'*   

What does a phlebotomist do?

They draw blood to be submitted for various tests. They need to know which vials to use for which tests as different vials are prepared and color-coded differently. Phlebotomi

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Where does a phlebotomist work at?

\nPhlebotomists draw blood, so they can work anywhere blood is drawn--hospitals, doctors' offices, independent labs, plasma centers, public health clinics...

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I have a lack of information, but Cremation is the process of  reducing the body to ashes and bone fragments through the use of  intense heat. I get a site carlbarnekowfuner

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