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Do sea fish and sea mammals drink sea water and if they do how do they eliminate Sodium?

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Fresh water fish do not drink water, they absorbed it through their skin, like osmosis. Sea water fish do drink water, and excrete the salt through their gills.

The salmon, which lives in both in environments, gets its water like a fresh water fish when in fresh water and like a sea water fish when in the sea.
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What are the effects of drinking sea water?

Drinking seawater would significantly increase the amount of salt  in the bloodstream and leads to dehydration. Nausea, weakness and  even delirium are the effects of being

Should we drink sea water?

no,we can't drink sea water as it consists of many dissolved salts in it and more over it is not purified and containsmany fish poo.

How can you get drinking water from sea water?

Sea water is infested with a lot of bacteria, there are 2 ways u can possibly drink it without getting sick 1. boil it. this will take away all the germs and bacteria 2. f