Do sisters have to be nice to each other?

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I certainly recommend it. Someday your parents will die, and your sister will be the closest family you have. Also if someone won't take you because you lost your job and lost your home she might be your best bet.
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Are miley and Selena nice to each other?

There is no way to know for sure, but what most people do know is that Miley and Selena are very nice people, and if they didn't really like each other, they would probably ju

How can your puppy and your old dog be nice to each other?

Let them get to know each other and make sure they never have to fight over food or space. Just remember that some dogs are naturally aggressive and won't accept another dog b

Why do sisters fight with each other?

Sisters fight with each other because they want to have it there own way so that is how they think is the best way to settle it. It also means sisterly love!

Why can't people be nice to each other?

we cant say that in some cases people are good to one another but in some places,poor people conflict occurs because they are uncivillized,civillized people they fight because