Do small girls have sex?

yes, there was a girl in my highschool tht was only 5 2 and like 110 pounds......and she had sex with half our football team
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Boy or Girl? Determining Your Baby's Sex

Determining your child's sex during an ultrasound is one of the most anticipated moments of your pregnancy. Technicians look for key signs that indicate the sex of the child, (MORE)
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Determining the Sex of Your Baby Via Ultrasound

One of the biggest questions that people have when they become pregnant is what the sex of the baby is. Not very long ago, there was no way to know for sure what sex your baby (MORE)

Essential Tips for Practicing Safe Sex

Sexually transmitted infections are painful, embarrassing and sometimes deadly. Fortunately, many infections are preventable when you practice safe sex. Follow these tips to k (MORE)

Are girls from Lithuania tall or small?

It depends o there parents ,but if there parents com from Lithuania they should be short. As with any ethnic group and region it varies. Personally, my friends and family te (MORE)

Why do girls have small feet?

Girls don't nessesarily have small feet it all depends on the genes you inherit from your parents!
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Advice for Teens: The Benefits of Practicing Abstinence From Sex

There is a lot to consider when it comes to sex; abstinence makes sense until you figure it all out. Sex sometimes has very serious consequences, including disease and pregnan (MORE)

What to do When the Condom Breaks During Sex

Sex can be a scary thing. If you have sex and the condom breaks, you may wonder what can happen. Pregnancy is perhaps the most common worry people have, but you may also wonde (MORE)
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Ancient Chinese Birth Charts: Do They Work?

Ancient Chinese birth charts are reputed to allow couples to select whether they have a boy or a girl when they have a new child. Traditional Chinese doctors and those who bel (MORE)

How does a small town girl get into the acting business?

  If you live in a small town, chances are that you will not be able to lead a successful acting career. You'll want to sign with a legit and reputable talent agency that (MORE)

What are small groups of Girl Scouts called?

A small group of Girl Scouts is called a troop or a group. When a troop or group is split into smaller groups, they are called "patrols". A Girl Scout who chooses to be a (MORE)
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11 Reasons to Have Sex More Often

There's a reason the guy in that commercial is dancing down the street whistling happily after a night of lovemaking. As long as you want to be with the person you engage in s (MORE)
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Is There Any Truth to the Sex Bracelets Myth?

Many parents worry that their teen are sexually active. The legend of the sex bracelets feeds on this fear. This legend is often embellished and enhanced for more dreaded effe (MORE)