Is there something wrong if a small girl has sex right after her period and then starts having small amounts of blood in her urine?

Answer   Maybe a possible bladder/urinary tract infection. At some point, urgency and pain accompany the blood.  If that is the case, you must see your doctor for anti

How do you get a girl to have sex?

How you get a girl to have sex with you is to sexually attract her, but knowing that she is a girl that is really horny alot. ;) Good Luck!

Sex with a girl?

You penetrate her vagina with your erect penis.

How do you have sex with girls?

Have sexual intercourse. (Sexual intercourse is when a boy puts his hard penis inside a girl's vagina.) Make sure both of you want to have it, as it can change your entire lif

How do you get a girl to have sex with you?

Patience. That is the key and all you need. Patience and a little motivation. Patience to wait until she is ready (always wait until she asks YOU to have sex). and the motivat