Is there something wrong if a small girl has sex right after her period and then starts having small amounts of blood in her urine?

Answer   Maybe a possible bladder/urinary tract infection. At some point, urgency and pain accompany the blood.  If that is the case, you must see your doctor for anti
How you get girl for sex?

How you get girl for sex?

You do not "get a girl" for sex! You may have girls who are your friends or you can ask a girl who you would like to be friends with - out on a date. From there, you get to kn

How can you get a girl to have sex with you?

How about asking her out, first?Then, if you're not a creep and she'll see you again, maybe you'll make out with her one evening. Then, assuming that you're both mature enough

How do you get a girl to have sex?

How you get a girl to have sex with you is to sexually attract her, but knowing that she is a girl that is really horny alot. ;) Good Luck!
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How do you have sex with a girl that is so small like 4 9 and your 6 6?

    As long as thre is passion betweeb you it is possiblt but on the physical front....let her ridde you most of the time but if you want more control bend her of the