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Do state of Illinois retired teachers have to pay state or federal tax?

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Yes to the federal income taxes. No the state of Illinois does NOT tax distributions received from qualified employee benefit plans, including a government retirement or government disability plan.
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Do ca teachers pay state income taxes?

  California teacher salaries are subject to the same state income taxes as any other salaries in the state of California.

Do you have to pay federal and state tax on stocks you sell?

First, it depends on whether you have a gain or loss on the stock. If you sold it at a gain, then you have to see if it can be offset by losses on other sales. Assuming not, t

Do you pay federal and state taxes on your Social Security check?

You may be required to pay federal taxes on a portion (50 or 85%) of your Social Security benefit if your total taxable income is $25,000 or more for a single person or $32,00

Is there a law that states US Citizens have to pay federal taxes?

  Title 26 Section 1, et seq. of the United States Code says you have to pay duly calculated income taxes. Anyone who says that income taxes are unconstitutional has not r

Do Amish have to pay state and federal taxes?

Even though the Amish do not collect Social Security, unemployment, or welfare benefits, they are still required to pay property, income, and sales tax. If they stay in thei

Do states pay federal taxes?

  No. At almost all levels one government exempts another...nd of course, governments are not businesses, they would be much closer to a Not For Profit organization, like

In what states do teachers pay social security taxes?

I have no personal knowledge but according to what I was just reading, all but these The 14 states with independent retirement systems for teachers are: Alaska | Maine /

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What do federal and state taxes pay for?

State: roads, state parks, police departments. Federal : national parks , war . They also pay for law enforcement (police, sheriff and deputies), fire departments, educati

Do you have to pay Alabama state tax if you are retired?

Retirees are not exempt from paying Alabama state tax. However, Alabama does not tax Social Security, Federal retirement benefits, Alabama state retirement benefits, and per

Do you have to pay federal or state taxes on an insurance claim settlement?

  Answer   For US Federal taxes, it would depend on who was paying the premiums for one thing. If you pay the premiums yourself and the loss is not business related,