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Do states with no income tax like Texas have to pay deferred money to baseball players?

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Deferred payments are negotiated between the team and the player and have nothing to do with a state's income tax laws.
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Do ca teachers pay state income taxes?

  California teacher salaries are subject to the same state income taxes as any other salaries in the state of California.

What is the state income tax of Texas?

Texas does not have a state income tax.

Do military pay state income taxes when deployed?

  Not if deployed to a combat zone as defined by federal law (i.e. Afghanistan). If they reenlist while in a combat zone, that bonus is tax free as well. They won't pay fe

What is the difference between a tax defered annuity and a income annuity?

Deferred tax means you have invested money into a plan and it is earning some income for you free from income tax until the time that you choose to start taking distributions

Do you pay income tax in Texas?

Every1 in the world pays income tax  Texas does not have a State income tax, collecting that same revenue using other tax means. You of course pay Federal income taxes.

Who pays the most income tax in the United States?

Persons earning $389 thousand and over pay 39.89 % of income tax. Top 1%. Persons earning $154 thousand and over pay 60.14 % of income tax. Top 5%. Persons earning $109 thousa

How do states that do not collect state income tax pay for services that other states use tax money to pay for?

Generally it is all paid through sales tax revenues or similar taxes. You will notice that most states that do not have income tax have higher sales tax rates.     ANS