Do sumo wrestlers retract their testicles?

I believe through practical experience, occurring by accident I confess! that these men push their balls up behind the pelvic bone! I am now for other reasons, practising doing that, I will hopefully let you know the results!

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What do sumo wrestlers say when they win?

They do not say anything. They bow to the gyoji and exit the ring. If there is a kensho, or special prize, they are handed the envelope by the gyoji. Then they make three chop (MORE)
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What is the typical diet of a sumo wrestler?

It's made up out of SOUP! Yes its a fatty pork stew called Chankonabe which translates into 'Chinese Pot Stew'! A sumo wrestler's diet: 1. Skip breakfast, go directly to wo (MORE)

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How old are you suppose to be to be a sumo wrestler?

You have to have completed 9 years of school to become a member of a sumo stable. That is about age 15. You also have to meet the height and weight requirements.
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How much does a sumo wrestler earn?

Pay is based on the rankings and lower levels don't really get a salary, just some money for expenses and some appearances. The highest level can get as much as 2,000,000 yen (MORE)
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Do sumo wrestlers wash their aprons?

The mawashi and the kesho-mawashi are aired out. Some spot cleaning  may be done by hand, otherwise they wear out too fast.
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