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Do the omg girlz wear fack hair?

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yes the do
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How do hula girls wear their hair?

Hula girls for competitions they wear it different ways but the way i do it is braid my hair (french braid) I split my hair in to then from those two i split it again in to so (MORE)

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What hair styles did the Cherokee wear?

The Cherokee women would wear their hair long and plain. They would comb bear grease into it to make it shiny and slick. The men would pluck most hair from their heads and eit (MORE)

8 Stars Who Don't Wear Their Own Hair

Over-styling and constant exposure to heat might sometimes take a toll on hair. This is exactly the reason why stars have taken to wearing extensions not only on the red carpe (MORE)

What to Wear: Popular Clothing for Chefs

Workplace uniforms convey professionalism, competence and often indicate the wearer's rank in relation to the entire company. Well-designed uniforms promote comfort and don't (MORE)
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6 Ways to Beat Static Hair

If your hair has the "finger-in-light-socket" look, it's time to tame it. Although it's common for hair to generate static and stand on end in the winter, there are some prett (MORE)

Best Ways To Prevent Hair Damage

Sometimes getting that perfect hairstyle simply isn't worth the damage you see later on. By making a few changes, you can save your hair and ensure it looks great not just now (MORE)

Is Your Hair Falling Out? What You Need to Know and How to Handle It

If your hair is falling out, there could be a lot of reasons for this. Some are common, and not very serious. Others can be very serious, and deserve immediate medical attenti (MORE)

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What is that thing that a bride wears in her hair?

It's called a Tiara. Some brides will wear the Tiara or perhaps flowers instead. 'Tiara' is pronounced (Te ara) A veil
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How did medieval women wear their hair?

Fashions in hairstyles changed considerably during the very long medieval period. In the 12th century, most women wore their hair very long, parted in the middle and woven i (MORE)

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What kind of clothes do the clique girlz wear?

  The Clique Girlz mostly wear designer but you can find there clothes at cheeper places. Examples- Ed Hardy, Hot Topic, Journeys, Wet Seal, Justice, Forever 21, and one (MORE)

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How did jesus wear his hair?

No one really knows, since there was no contemporary pictures of him. It is not even known if he wore a beard. There are probably many types of haircut we can generally guess (MORE)

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How should you wear your hair to a wedding?

Do you have long or short hair? Indoors or outdoors wedding? Weddings vary greatly and so do personal styles. Without knowing more about the venue and your hair it would be ha (MORE)