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Do the omg girlz wear fack hair?

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yes the do
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Do the omg girlz have kidz?

No, They Don't Have Kids ! Beauty Has The PINK Hair, She's 15 ! Star Has The BLUE Hair, She's 16 ! Babydoll Has The PURPLE Hair, She's 17 !

Is omg girlz still together?

yes they are still omg girlz and they are still together but Lourdes a.k.a lolo ain't in the omg girlz because they looking for older girls because they feel like they don't w

Is omg girlz still a group?

Yes OmG girlz are still a group but LoLo (Lourdez rodriquez) and Baby carter (reginae carter) left because they are too young for such a mature group. But Zonnique and Baja st

How do the omg girlz look now?

Zonnique has blue hair a nose piercing and is really tall, Breaunna has purple hair but started with brown then red,Bahja started out with black then eventually streaks then b
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Does the omg girlz wear weaves in their hair?

Lol. Yes but they have a lot of hair under it. Go on their moms Instagram shamrastar and follow me @pinkleopardd_ on twitter and Instagram . Thx
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Do the omg girlz smoke?

no, they don't. even if they did it's completly none of your  business o.O