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Do the omg girlz wear fack hair?

yes the do
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Is omg girlz hair real?

The front is real (and a bit around the edges), but the rest of it is not their real hair but baby doll's is a full weave -you can tell-

Who is omg girlz?

This teenage group that consists of Star (Zonnique Pullins),Beauty (Bahja Rodriguez) Babydoll (Breaunna Womack) . The start in 2009 on the tv show tiny and toya. It consisted
Does the omg girlz wear weaves in their hair?
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Does the omg girlz wear weaves in their hair?

Lol. Yes but they have a lot of hair under it. Go on their moms Instagram shamrastar and follow me @pinkleopardd_ on twitter and Instagram . Thx
Who is the OMG Girlz'?
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Who is the OMG Girlz'?

Look up their song Gucci This and then u will never forget their name. That is how good they are