Do they have orange iPod nanos?

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not stock but you can buy stickers to put on it
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What can an iPod Nano do?

on an ipod nano you can play games, watch videos, listen to the radio, listen to music, and record videos. you cannot take pictures. i may not have a nano but i am gonna get it. i suggest you get one to. if u want to record videos then u might wanna get the 5th or 6th generation. the other generatio (MORE)

What is an iPod Nano?

An ipod nano is an MP3, video player, and a small game system. It contains a click-wheel, a screen, a charger port, a earplugs port, and a screen lock switch. It cost under 200 American dollars. It also contains a timer, alarm watch, and contacts. The most recent version, the 5th generation, has a m (MORE)

What does a iPod Nano have?

depends which generation.. but the newest one ( 5 ) has the regular ipod stuff (music, TV shows, movies ect) but it has a thing that reads some of the words, they call it voiceover and it also has a video camera.. no pictures only videos

What does an iPod Nano do?

The key functions of the iPod Nano are music playback and displaying photos. In addition it can sync notes and colanders with a computer, it also has a number of games. The latest iPod Nano can also play video files and run additional software from the iTunes store.

How do you get photos from your iPod drive to your iPod Nano?

The photos you send to a file of your computer and you open itunes and in your iPod you put selec file and you select the file were you send the photos First plug in your iPod, when iTunes go up go click on your iPod Nano, when you do that go to the picture tab I'm pretty sure that their is a up (MORE)

Is the iPod shuffle as good as the iPod nano?

No. It doesn't have as much memory and you can't see the song titles to be able to choose which one you want to play.. And you can't play games, view photos and watch videos, nano has more extras.

Can i unlock screen on iPod Nano?

if the screen was locked from the menu and you forgot the code then all you need to do is plugg it onto your computer. That will unlock the screen.

How do you get internet on an iPod Nano?

You don't. It is impossible because the iPod nano does not have a WiFi device AND it doesn't have the correct firmware. ok, what the person above said was that it dosent have the wifi capabilities, but it has a cord to connect it to some sory of a wifi antenna, and you can change firmware, and b (MORE)

What is the iPod Nano?

It's a ipod that you can put at least 1,000 songs on to... And it has games, and you can put photo's on it.

What can iPod Nanos do?

ipod nonos can do lots of things like search/radio/tv/pictures/time people and much more mp3 players suck

IPod nano or iPod Touch?

ipod touch definitley because you can have many games many which are free and you can access youtube,itunes and the internet directly from the ipod so although they do cost more theyre alot better value and fun. \*/WHAT I SAID\*/ You should get an iPod touch. The newest ones have facetime, an inn (MORE)

What can you do on an iPod Nano?

Depending on what generation the iPod is, it can do different things. The fourth generation can do the following: 1. Listen to Music 2. Watch Movies that you can buy off of iTunes 3. Watch TV Shows 4. Watch movies that you rent off iTunes 5. Watch music videos 6. Look at Photos that you can put on y (MORE)

Should you get an orange or red ipod nano?

Whichever you prefer. But I like red best. It's better to get red because it helps the woman and child in Africa-I'm getting a red one even though i'd love a purple one but i don't care what colour it is- I'm just glad to help!! It's a personal choice though. (i guess!)

Can you upgrade to an iPod touch if you have an iPod Nano?

Well if your asking if you can get a deal by turning in your nano for a touch, the answer is probably no. You would just have to go buy an ipod touch and mabey you could sell you ipod nano to someone. Im not sure, but i think so.

What is better iPod touch or iPod Nano?

It depends... If you want something to JUST play music and watch movies, definitly go for the nano. The nano is for someone who wants to cover the basic entertainment needs. If you want more room to house music and movies and also have applications, internet, email, and texting (you don't need the i (MORE)

What can iPod Nano do?

Depending on what generation the iPod is, it can do different things. The fourth generation can do the following: 1. Listen to Music 2. Watch Movies that you can buy off of iTunes 3. Watch TV Shows 4. Watch movies that you rent off iTunes 5. Watch music videos 6. Look at Photos that you (MORE)

Where do you get an iPod nano?

You can get them at You can get them at Target You can get them at Toys R S You can get them at Target You can get them at EBay You can get them just about anywere!

IPod touch or iPod Nano?

The ipod touch i would say it's better it has touch screen it could hold morecapacity of movies and alot else. *EDIT* This totally depends on how you want to use it. If your only going to listen to music, pick the iPod Nano, because it is light and cheaper. Also, it can record things, something (MORE)

What do iPod Nano have?

the ipod nano has music,videos(you need to download them yourself),photos(download them yourself),podcasts,rado,video camera,extras,settings,and shufdfle songs.

What iPod Nano?

What is an Ipod Nano? The iPod Nano (trademarked, marketed, and stylized as iPod nano) is a portable media player designed and marketed by Apple. The first generation of the iPod Nano was introduced in the end of 2005 as a replacement for the iPod mini.

Are iPod nanos good iPods?

Yes, iPod Nanos are very good iPods. They are perfect for those who like to run and/or work out while listening to music. Its small and compact size makes it a very good iPod. The new Ipod 5th Generation has a camera as well. Ipods are the "better" mp3 players. They play games, movies, music, and mu (MORE)

Does iPod Touch have everything iPod nano has?

Yes and more! the only thing the ipod touch doesnt have that the nano has is a small screen! The ipod touch is a definite buy. I myself have one and it does everything. Also i had an ipod nano which i gave away to get a itouch.

Is there a iPod Nano phone?

No. The iPod Nano is a separate device for listening to music/watching videos/ect. The iPod Touch and iPhone were made at nearly the same time with similar specs, though the iPhone is not necessarily an iPod Touch phone.

Can you zoom in with iPod Nano 5g?

Sadly, no. You cannot zoom in with the iPod nano's video camera. It is just a simple camera for capturing the little things you want to remember, not for hi def shooting.

What do you do when your ipod nano goes in the wash?

You are way off! What you have to do is put it in a bowl of DRYrice for at least a day.(to be sure it draws the moisture) Once itsbeen in there a while you see if it works, if it doesn't your outof luck, if it does then charge it awhile. My brother recently didthat and he just followed these simple (MORE)

What to do if I forgot my password to my iPod nano?

This happened to me just yesterday - and what worked for me if you connect it to your computer, make sure it's connected, then disconnect it. Hopefully it will then be unlocked (it worked for me, as I said). This is the only way I know how... probably the easiest way if it works!

How do you buy games for an iPod Nano?

well you cant get games on it at the mo but apparently apple r gonna bring out a separate store for it so you can get games and apps n stuff well i hope so !!!!! :L

How can you get stuff on your ipod nano for free?

Before I say anything, this is just a list of ideas, ignoring if any are illegal or not. You can then make your own decisions afterwards on what you shall do. . Download stuff illegally off the internt for free . Use Flashgot on Firefox [works with and YouTube] . Get CDs from a l (MORE)

IPod Nano how do you organize stuff on my iPod?

You can go on itunes and create playlists to organize the music then you can put the pictures into folders to organize that and if you want to get more organized, get the new ipod touch that comes with folders to let you be a very organized person

What is better a iPod touch or iPod Nano?

Depends on what you want. if you want a large screen more than 100,000 incredible apps, interactive systems, touch screen, then the ipod touch was made for you. if you want just a music player with smaller, simpler hardware, and a few hundred to a thousands of apps. then you'll want an iPod nano. ju (MORE)

What can you do with the iPod nano?

You can listen to music,see photos and videos,you can play games,you can see and read books,you can download and see podcasts from Itunes, and much more!

Can an iPod Nano send to an iPod touch?

no unless if it was music/video and other media files then you can sync with iTunes and transfer them! To install itunes got to go to the itunes bar at the top install itunes connect both devices and TRANSFER!

Can an iPod dock fit iPod Nano?

yes, it can i have a doc and it has a thing that sticks out of it and you can put ipods of and kind ... ipod touchs, yah like a lot of others!

Where can one buy an orange iPod Nano?

Places to buy an orange iPod nano include both Amazon and eBay. Both of these sites allow for users to purchase items with specifications including model and color, and eBay is full of competitive auctions so there is a chance to get the item for less than market value.