Do they still have sonic on tv?

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yes they do, on My TV 20 or CW50 they have a show called Sonic X in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays at like 8:30 am. Also you can go on youtube or to watch the olds ones or Sonic X faster and anytime you want. (whole seires)
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When is sonic-x on TV?

not for a very long time Oh, say about 1-2 years there playing re-runs every Saturday morning now NN96 i hate hate sonic re runs

Is the Goosebumps TV show still on television?

yes ! Halloween is usually when they started to air. Because of theamount of people who watched them they decided to start airing itagain. Its on Cartoon Network around 430 pm

What are the sonic TV shows?

Well, at first there were the Sonic TV shows by Sega of America : Sonic The Hedgehog (Also known as SatAM) and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (AoStH). Later came Sonic Unde

Is Sonic the hedgehog in a tv show?

Sonic is originatedas a game, but there are 4 TV series about him they are as follows: Sonic The Hedgehog The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic Underground Sonic X

Can sonic the heagehog come out of your tv?

sonic can, in fact jump straight out of your TV, but first you have to... 1) learn EVERYTHING there is to know about quantum physics 2) learn EVERYTHING there is to know about

What is the tv channel that has sonic the hedghog?

There's actually a couple, Sonic Underground, Sonic SatAM and Sonic X and Sonic Ova, (Sonic Ova wasn't really a tv show, but it was a movie.) If you have cable, you can chan