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Do thorny devils eat snakes?

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No. They eat ants.
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Do thorny devils have wings?

No. Reptiles do not have wings.

What is the height of a thorny devil in the desert?

Australia's thorny devil is only a couple of centimetres in height.

What are the natural predators of the thorny devil?

Natural predators of the thorny devil are birds of prey such as brown falcons and bustards.

Is a thorny devil nocturnal or diurnal?

Thorny devils are diurnal, meaning they are more active during the day rather than the night.

What are facts about the thorny devil?

 The thorny devil only eats black ants.  Thorny devils live in the desert and semi-arid outback regions  of Australia, mostly in the western two-thirds of the continent, 

What does the thorny devil eat?

The Thorny devil, a strange, spiky lizard of Australia, feeds exclusively on ants. It prefers small, black ants of the Iridomyrmex flavipes species.

Where do thorny devils live?

Thorny devils live in the desert and semi-arid outback regions of Australia. It thrives in sandy or sandy loam regions where it is camouflaged against the ground, and where th

Why is the thorny devil called the thorny devil?

Thorny devils are unusual lizards, covered all over with sharp thorn-like protuberances. They are not the sort of lizard one is encouraged to pick up - hence the name, devil.

How does the thorny devil catch its food?

The thorny devil eats only ants. It can eat thousands of ants in a single sitting collecting them up with its sticky tongue.