Do warthogs live in the savanna?

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Where does a warthog live?

The correct answer is Africa, in South Africa, the Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Sudan, Chad, Mauritania, Botswana and Tanzania madagascar

What kind of animals live in the Savanna?

Savannah is a biome characterized by two well differentiatedseasons during the year, one that is very wet and other that isvery dry. A very clear example of a Savannah is great part of theAfrican continent. The animals that can live in this environmentare: Elephants, zebras, rhinos, cheetahs, lions, (MORE)

What lives in a savanna?

For African savannas: Many different animals, including African elephants, lions, rhinos, zebras, gazelles, African wild dogs, cheetahs, all the big cats(all except for tigers), etc. Many plants grow there too. This contains many grasses, trees and some bushes. It has acacia trees, boabab tre (MORE)

Do warthogs live in Africa?

Yes, Warthogs do live in Africa. They live in Africa, the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Chad, Nigeria, Senegal, Eritrea, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Do camels live in the savanna?

Camels live in the savannah after they get old enough to fend forthemselves. They can survive in the dry land for long periods oftime.

What mammal lives African savannas?

Cheetah and plains species of antelope & gazelle. White Rhinos. Wildebeest. zebra. buffalo Elephants, leopards & lions often (but don't always) live in savanna regions. . Okapis live in jungles not the savanna.

Do pandas live in the savanna?

No pandas do not live in the savanna. They actually live in Asia.(China) Pandas really live in temperature forests and well if you do not know what that is look it up online 'cause I'm not so great with explaining types of forests :P You also might want to check on the internet "What types of fo (MORE)

Do tigers live in the savanna?

no because tigers are tropical and love trees and it is lions that live in the savanna because the trees are scarce and they like the sun. No, tigers prefer large space with medium forests, near to rivers. Lions live in savanna.

What omnivores live in a savanna?

Omnivore's are animals that eat both meat and plants. Therefore there are many animals. Such as a baboon, which surprisingly eats insects and fish as well as their usual diet of berries and seed pods. Crowned Crane eats grass, seeds, and insects. Egyptian Mongoose, they mostly eat m (MORE)

Do koalas live in savanna?

No. Koalas cannot live in savanna. They need to be in an area where there are many gum trees (eucalyptus) of the specific type they need to feed. Savanna, or grassland, does not have enough gum trees for koalas.

Do elephants live in the savanna?

There are two types of elephants that live in the African savannah.There's the African elephant, or Savannah elephant (as it issometimes called), and then there's a subspecies called the Forestelephant. The Savannah elephant is larger than the Forest elephantand has tusks that curve outwards whereas (MORE)

What plants live on the African savanna?

Senegal Gum Acacia , *Baobab, *Bermunda Grass, *Candelabra tree, *Elephant grass, *Jackal berry Tree, *Manketti Tree, *River Bushwillow, *Umbrella Thorn acacia, *Whistling thorn

Do Kowari live in Australian Savannas?

Yes Kowaris do live in Australia but i am still wondering how many are actually live in Australia. But i do know that they have disappeared in captivity.

Can a Malayan Tapir live in savannas?

The Malayan Tapir is not endemic to savannas. It can only be found naturally in humid, tropical forests, swampy areas and meadows of southeast Asia.

Who lives in a savanna desert?

The savanna and the desert are two distinct biomes. There is nosuch thing as a 'savanna desert.' A savanna is a transition biomebetween a desert and another biome, such as a grassland. Itreceives more rainfall than a desert.

Do bobcats live in the savanna?

Savannas are located in the tropics of South America, Africa, and Asia. Bobcats, however, only live in North America. They live in forests, temperate grasslands, and deserts.

Do warthog live in South Africa?

Yes , warthogs live in south Africa , and they live in the wild , warthogs in south Africa are also known as bush pigs because they live in the bush . Google it you will see.

Why do cheetahs live in the savannas?

cheetahs live in the Savannah to stay worm and the hunting grounds there a great for the cheetah to be able to feed there young and breed how did they get there that i don't know

Do bison or buffalo live in the savanna?

It is the buffalo that live on the savanna, such as the African Cape Buffalo, since anyone who thinks of the word "savanna" think African grasslands. Bison live on the Plains of the Prairies, which is in North America, from Texas, USA north to Alberta, Canada.

What type of organisms live in the savanna?

Far too many types of animals and plants live in the African savanna for me to list. However, the savanna is primarily known for the fact that it has a greater abundance of large mammals than any other place on Earth. Some of these include: Herbivorous Mammals: Wildebeest Gazelle Antelope (MORE)

Do Bengal tigers live in savannas?

No. Tigers are Native to the Asian Continent. Two species of tigers live here. The Royal Bengal Tiger in India and the Siberian Tiger in Russia. No known species of Tiger have been found to live in any other part of the world. Tigers have never been sighted in the Savannah's of Africa and I dont th (MORE)

What herbivores live in the African savanna?

African elephants,zebras, white rhinos, black rhinos, duikers, hartebeests, topis, tsessebe, gemsbok, impalas, wildebeests, steenbok, waterbuck, reedbuck, gazelle, cape buffalo, eland, kudu, chevrotain, giraffes, warthogs, bush pigs, giant hogs, red river hogs, hippopotamus, African pygmy squirrels, (MORE)

How many animals live with warthogs?

This is a slightly hard question, as warthogs live in many different areas of Africa. I guess you could say that... . cheetahs . zebras . leopards . elephants . giraffes . lions . certain types of gazelles . red bush squirrels and many others live with warthogs.. this obviously isn't a fu (MORE)

Do cougars live in the savanna?

No. The cougar ( Puma concolor ), also commonly knownas the mountain lion , puma , panther , or catamount , is a large felid of thesubfamily Felinae native to the Americas.Its range , from the Canadian Yukon to the southern Andes of South America, is the greatest of any largewild terres (MORE)

What protists lives in the African savanna?

\n. \n. Plasmodium, which cause malaria and live in the digestive tract of mosquitoes until it is transferred to humans. Trypanosomes live in harsh dry areas and cause African Sleeping Sickness and they also have a parasitic relationship with tsetse fly. Trichonympha agilis lives in the digestive (MORE)

What animals live in Sudan savanna?

There are several animals that live in the Sudan savanna. Someexamples are Barbary sheep, baboons, gerbils, addaxes, NubianIbexes, and Klipspringers.

What are some of the animals that live in the savanna?

Lions, cheetahs, leopards, servals; many kinds of african antelopes such as impala, springbok, hartebeest, nyla, gemsbok, kudu; other common animals such as hyenas, zebras, african buffalo, giraffe, crocodiles, hippos, rhinos, jackals, bat-eared foxes, vultures, warthogs, meerkats, guinea fowl, ostr (MORE)

Why do cheetahs live on savannas?

Cheetahs live on savannas because a savanna is an open space and the cheetah is a fast running animal who takes advantage of that open space. If the cheetah lived in wood places they would run into things a lot, and actually would have evolved into something other than what we call a cheetah today.

Where do animals who live in the savannas get water?

Animals in the Savannah's get water from oasis'. An oasis is like a really, really, really small jungle. It normally has a tree or two, some fruit or vegetable, and a little pond of water. If you're wondering where that comes from, it's produced by an underground spring.

What animals live in the Madagascar savanna?

Madagascar has an unusual mix of wildlife. For example, the island does not have apes, monkeys, elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, hyenas, rhinos, antelopes, buffalo, or camels that you might expect...

Why do some animals live in the savanna?

Some predators like lion, cheetah and others require an open space to watch their preys. They live in a field called savanna, which has short grass, in order not to have any obstacle during their chasing.

What kinds of fish lives in savannas?

While there are 5 subtypes of savannas which vary from flooded to arid, savanna biomes do not contain fish or aquatic life aside from flora as they are grassland ecosystems with scattered trees as not to form a canopy.

Did dinosaurs live in savannas?

Grazing dinosaurs typically roamed the savannas taking advantage ofthe ease of spotting predators and the plentiful grazingopportunities. These dinosaurs were typically herbivores andomnivores, rather than carnivores. They lived everywhere.