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Do webpages like this Abuse FAQ encourage women to view men as the enemy?

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I don't believe so and I really hope not. Men aren't the enemy.  
No, when women, like me, come to these sites, they are already in an abusive relationship and need to have confirmation that they are still an intelligent, vibrant, human that can contribute, rather than buying into all of the accusations, blaming & put downs. In other words, we need some support and to be able to find the confidence that we once had to continue our lives without that particular man. I know that there are men who don't think or act like my husband.  
Not at all! It is thanks to websites like this that I have been able to find my sanity again. To find my self confidence again. ANd to know that I am normal. I am more able to recognize signs of abuse, and will not put up with it anymore. And I am happy to say I have many wonderful male friends. And I am starting a new relationship that has nothing to do with what I have lived. I don't even think about it anymore!  
No, it's pages like these that encourage women to be strong, know their self-worth and that they are not alone or at fault.
It would not encourage me to view men as the enemy, as not all men are abusive by any means, just a select few that have a screw or two that's lose.
I also tend to view them as informative and educational. Some women before they come to these sites, have no idea what abuse is or that what they are experiencing, is. This site enlightens them and holds the OTHER person accountable for their own actions. As it should be.  
No, I don't think so. This page encouraged me that I was still worthy of my own approval, as well as approval of men who aren't abusive. Plus, this isn't just for women. Men come here to seek help about their relationships with abusive females too.
Thanks for the feedback!

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