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Do wood chucks eat wood?

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No. Woodchucks primarily eat wild grasses and other vegetation, and berries. They also eat grubs, grasshoppers, insects, snails and other small animals. The name woodchuck is unrelated to wood or chucking. It stems from an Algonquian name for the animal, wuchak.
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What is a wood chuck?

  A Woodchuck is another name for a Ground Hog. Ground Hogs have many names such as Land Beavers and Whistlepigs, as well as Woodchucks, and are members of the rodent fa

Does a wood chuck chuck wood?

Chuck, in middle-english, means to throw. Now if a wood chuck happens to 'chuck' anything it won't be very big or go very far because the wood chuck is just a little furry cre

Why can't a wood chuck chuck wood?

To chuck means to throw. A woodchuck is a a rodent of the family  Sciuridae. A woodchuck is a groundhog, also known as a whistlepig.     The point of the tongue twi

How much wood is a chuck of wood?

First off, it is not a "chuck of wood." Second, a woodchuck can't chuck wood; it's scientifictly impossible to get the right answer. The original tongue twister goes: "How mu

Do wood chucks even chuck wood?

No they don't. Woodchucks, also called groundhogs, are rodents that are related to ground squirrels. The name woodchuck is derived from the Alogonquian name for the groundhog,