Do you build your website first or your domain name first?

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It's really your choice, but I would recommend not buying the domain name first, if you don't want to pay for it for no reason until you get your site up. On the other hand, getting the domain name is a good way to reserve it. I know some guys who just "collect" domain names. Hope I helped!
Build your website first
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What is the Domain name of a website?

The domain name of a Website is what you use to type in the adress bar. Say , every time you go to or to , you are typing in a domain name! The i

What was the first registered domain name?

according to the 1st 10 registered domain names were... Symbolics.com15 Mar 85 (holds distinction for being first ever registered name) BBN.COM BBN CORPORA

What was the first domain name registered? claim that they had the first domain registered on March 15, 1985. The domain was sold to in 2009 who say the site will now be useful for the "betterment

How do you register a website domain name?

The best way to register a website domain name would be to go through a domain name company such as GoDaddy. Once you know what kind of website you want, you just need to make

What was the first domain name ever registered?

Several domains were registered on 1 Jan 1985; networks with only one domain don't make much sense! The first domains were edu, mil, gov, net and arpa. Most of these were reg