Do you capitalize the word pope?

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When it comes at the beginning of a sentence, it is combined with the name, used as an honorific or title, yes.
  • Popes have lived in Vatican City for centuries.
  • Pope Peter was the first pope.
  • I read about Pope John Paul, III.
  • The Pope (a particular individual) discussed the duties of the office of the pope (no specific pope).
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What were Pope Benedict's first words as pope?

The conclave of cardinals that elects the pope are secret so we will never know what was said right after the election of Benedict. We do the first word he said as Pope was "

How does the pope spread the Word of the Lord?

The pope spreads the Word by loving and giving praise to everyone and he cares for one and another so if you ever ask that question the answer is faith, hope and love because

What is the word that written on the crown of pope?

There is an urban legend about a phrase written on the Papal Tiara (the crown), which some use to identify the mark of the antichrist. However there is not just one Tiara, the

When youre talking about a pope should the letter p in pope be capital?

Answer . This is a question of English grammar, rather than religious dogma. When talking about popes in general, or when saying "the pope", it would be normal to use a low

When should the word pope be capitalized?

It should be capitalized when it is a part of the title of aperson: eg. - 'Pope Francis' It should be capitalized when it refers to a specific pope: eg. -'Today the Pope spoke

Did Constantine move capitals because of the pope?

No, there were no popes at the time of Constantine. Constantinemoved the capital because of economic and logistical reasons. The eighth-century forgery now known as the Donat
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Does the word pope need to be capitalized?

Yes, At the begi n ni ng of the se nte nce a nd whe n it forms part of the proper nou n or whe n it precedes a perso n's name. . Example: . Pope Joh n Paul II
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What did the pope do when Rome became the capital of Italy?

A: Pope Pius IX thought that by declaring himselfa "prisoner of the Vatican" he could bring pressure to bear on theItalians to return the Papal States to him. Far from being