Do you get house keys when you sign lease or move in?

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You get your house key(s) whenever you sign the lease. Normally your lease is not prepared until you've worked out your first month's rent and any deposits that are required. In most states the landlord must give you the keys to the front door of your house. If this happens you have the right to change any of the other locks without your landlord's permission, but not the lock of which your landlord gave you the key.
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Can you cancel a signed lease if you have not moved in yet?

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The landlord can only seek possession during a fixed term of a tenancy (for example the first six months of a shorthold tenancy) on the grounds shown in italic type.. Mandato

If you signed a lease and are not going to be moving in What am i liable for?

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Can a landlord break a signed lease before you move in?

Your tenancy begins as soon as the home is "handed" over to you, as signaled by the passing of the key(s) to the unit, not upon the signing of the lease. So if your landlord d