Do you get paid during SEAL training?

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All sailors, regardless of rank or rate, begin receiving pay immediately upon reporting for duty to Basic Training. It continues until you separate from the service, and whether you continue to receive anything depends on your method of separation (retirement, disability, etc.).
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How many hours a day do Navy Seal candidates sleep during training?

During hell week it is as little as 4 hours the whole week, other than that about an hour a day. real answer) It is 4 hours during hell week but silly to think that you only s

How much do Navy SEALs get paid?

SEALs receive normal military pay and allowances (based on rate or rank), plus incentive pay for special skills and assignments. All SEALS receive jump, dive and demo pay, plu

Do navy seals get paid 60gs?

no. seals get paid according to their rank and get makes some bonuses due to the training they received and hazard risk.

Do you get paid for training?

Normally you will be paid for training. It can differ according to the contract or the laws for your state. Start up training for some places can be paid at a lower rate than

How much does Navy seals get paid?

Depends on their rank, and length of service. The pay is the same as any other member of the Navy performing hazardous duty.
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Do navy seals get cut during training as in they don't drop out but the trainers and evaluators feel they can't handle being a seal and if so what can they be cut for?

Yes, there are many reasons a candidate may be cut from the program. These include but are not limited to: the determination by medical personnel that it would be unduly hazar

How much are Marines paid during basic training?

Base pay for all branches of service are established by the same pay scale and are calculated on time in service and time in grade. It is unlikely for anyone above the pay gra